Starfield Freestar Rangers Questline: Shadow in Neon Walkthrough

Starfield Shadow in Neon Freestar Ranger quest base

Starfield Shadow in Neon Freestar Ranger quest base

Shadow in Neon is a side quest belonging to the Freestar Rangers Faction. The ‘Shadow in Neon’ quest has you chase down a stolen ship, trace its locations, and who piloted it. During this quest, you will explore the city of pleasure, Neon City, to find the culprit who stole the Hopetech ship.

Starfield: Shadow in Neon Walkthrough

Getting to Neon City

To start the quest, you must head to Neon City in Volii Alpha, located in the Volii System.

starfield shadow in neon neon city location
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Once you land, keep heading towards the quest marker, which takes you to the Freestar Rangers building.

Talk to Jaylen Pryce

Once there, you will need to look for fellow ranger Jaylen Pryce. Talk with Jaylen, who will lead you to his friend, the ship mechanic Billy Clayton.

starfield shadow in neon jaylen price dialogue
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Talk to Billy Clayton

Billy will let you know that he knows a debt to the Syndicate under Emmet Goodman. Each option leads to the same outcome during the dialogue unless you persuade Billy for the information. Take a heavy-handed approach here, and he’ll cave to your demands. If you fail to persuade Billy for information, you will have to confront Emmet Goodman.

starfield shadow in neon persuade billy clayton
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Enter the Warehouse

Following the quest marker leads you to the Syndicate warehouse. You must go inside to confront Emmet, but a security guard blocks off the path. You need the Warehouse Key to enter. There are four methods to get the Warehouse Key:

  • Bribe the guard with 1000 Credits.
  • Attack the guard and loot his corpse/body.
  • Pass a Persuasion check to be let in. Sympathy is key.
  • Sneak up behind him using Stealth and pickpocket using the Theft skill from the container behind him.
starfield shadow in neon persuade warehouse guard
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If you need more Credits, check out our Credit Farming Guide and Infinite Credit Exploits.

Confronting Emmet Goodman

Once inside, speak with Emmet Goodman to start the dialogue, where you will have three options:

  • Persuade Emmet to make him forgive Billy’s debt.
  • Pay off Billy’s debt with 4000 Credits.
  • Attack and kill Emmet Goodman.
starfield shadow in neon persuade emmett goodman
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Persuading or paying off the debt is better. Killing Emmet will affect the Freestar Rangers Questline and get you into trouble with the local police.

Interrogating Grace Early

Once the debt is taken care of, You head back towards Billy and Jaylen; speak with Billy. After which, he will direct you to a woman named Grace Early at Madame Sauvage’s place.

starfield shadow in neon grace early dialogue
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Start your dialogue with Grace, who starts hesitant but is willing to tell you about the stolen ship once you tell her you know she’s the culprit. You will get three options to persuade Grace. Pick the one that holds her accountable for being complicit in possible murder.

You get rewarded 10 XP for this interaction, and Grace reveals that Maya Cruz and Marco are the two mercenaries responsible for stealing the Ship from Hopetech. She will also hand you an Encrypted Slate with some leads.

Give Slate to Alex Shadid

All that needs to be done now is to head back to Akila City. Head towards The Rock, where you will find Alex Shadid, who agrees to work on cracking the Encrypted Slate given by Grace. However, it might take some time, according to him.

starfield shadow in neon alex shadid slate dialogue
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Talk to Marshall Daniel Blake

After talking with Alex, head to Marshall Daniel Blake to finish the quest after giving him your updates. He'll provide you with info on the targets, Maya Cruz and Marco.

Starfield Shadows in Neon marshall daniel blake dialogue
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Shadow in Neon Quest Rewards

  • 5000 Credits
  • 250 XP
  • Unlocks ‘Surgical Strike’
  • Unlocks ‘On The Run’

You have completed the side quest ‘Shadow in Neon.’ Congratulations! The side quests ‘On The Run’ and ‘Surgical Strike’ are now available.

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