Starfield Freestar Rangers Questline: The Hammer Falls Walkthrough

starfield ron hope dialogue good to see you the hammer falls quest

starfield ron hope dialogue good to see you the hammer falls quest

It's time to conclude the Freestar Rangers questline. After the 'First to Fight, First to Die' quest, you've pinpointed the culprit behind the farm occupations. It's one of the most powerful members of the Freestar Collective, Ron Hope. It's time to confront him about his crimes and choose a course of action.

The Hammer Falls Walkthrough

Go to Hopetown

Head to the planet Polvo in the Valo Star System and touchdown at Hopetown once more for your final meeting with Ron Hope.

starfield where hope is built grav jump to polvo
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Confront Ron Hope

Ron Hope will be waiting for you; you'll have to talk to him and confront him about the information you've gathered. He'll offer to bribe you in exchange for the Slate you have and promise to turn over a new leaf. You have some decisions you can make here.

  • Accept the Bribe
  • Keep Ron Hope's Secret
  • Kill Ron Hope
starfield ron hope dialogue choices the hammer falls quest
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Unfortunately, there is no way to arrest Ron Hope and hold him accountable without killing him. This is one of Starfield's most important decisions and affects your ending.

Accept Ron Hope's Bribe

You can accept Ron Hope's bribe and resolve this conflict without bloodshed. The initial bribe will be for 20,000 Credits, but you can use the Negotiation skill to get it up to 50,000 Credits. Note that this will change the ending that you get slightly. If you don't have the negotiation skill, try out our XP farm and quickly get it.

This decision is more materially rewarding than choosing to kill Ron Hope. However, your Companion will disagree with it, and it will lower their affinity and your romance progress.

Keep Ron Hope's Secret

You can also choose to be understanding and keep Ron Hope's secret. This decision involves trying to put him under arrest and then letting him go by understanding his decision. This is the least rewarding option, but your companions will love it. You'll forfeit the Slate to him and forget anything happened.

starfield spare ron hope dialogue the hammer falls
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Kill Ron Hope

You can choose to take on Ron Hope right there and then. You can easily kill Ron Hope, as he's a weak Level 1 enemy. However, you will then have to face his entire security force. This can quickly get overwhelming, and you'll require some of the best weapons and spacesuits to make it through this fight. Use the nearby crates for cover and lob explosives at bunched-up enemies.

starfield the hammer falls kill ron hope
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After killing Ron Hope, you can talk to Birgit McDougall to get her insights and comments on his actions and the company's future.

Report to Marshall Daniel Blake

Once you're done dealing with Ron Hope, you can return to Marshall Daniel Blake and report everything that happened. If you took the bribe, you won't be able to accuse Ron Hope. This interaction finishes the quest line, and you get promoted to a full-fledged Freestar Ranger!

starfield the hammer falls freestar ranger promotion from marshall daniel blake
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The Hammer Falls Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the Hammer Falls quest.

  • EXP - 150
  • Credits - 15,000 (Depends on Level)
  • Freestar Ranger rank
  • Freestar Ranger Spacesuit Set
  • Star Eagle Starship
starfield the hammer falls quest rewards
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Congratulations! You've completed the Freestar Rangers questline and become a true space cowboy. You might also be interested in doing the Ryujin Industries and United Colonies questlines next.

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