Starfield Walkthrough - Freestar Rangers Questline: Job Gone Wrong

Starfield Akila City Job Gone Wrong quest start

Starfield Akila City Job Gone Wrong quest start

You will run into the Job Gone Wrong quest if you've made your way to Akila City. The quest involves a failed bank robbery and a standstill involving several hostages. You're tasked with solving this problem peacefully or through any means necessary. Here's how to go about the Job Gone Wrong quest in Starfield.

Starfield Job Gone Wrong Walkthrough

Enter Akila City

The Job Gone Wrong quest triggers the first time you enter Akila City during the main story quest, The Empty Nest. Once you enter the city for the first time, the city guard will inform you to steer clear of Galbank as there's a hostage situation going on. You can decide that you'd like to help out. He'll instruct you to talk to Marshall Daniel Blake.

starfield job gone wrong akila city entrance
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Talk to Marshall Daniel Blake

Walk ahead and talk to Daniel Blake. He'll explain the situation, and you'll see that the situation is at a standstill. The Shaw Gang will demand that a neutral party walk up for negotiation. You can opt for this role with support from good ole Sam Coe.

starfield marshall daniel blake conversation
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Talk to the Shaw Gang Crew

Walk up to the door and initiate a conversation with the Shaw Gang. You'll see they're on the edge and at the end of their nerves. They'll demand safe passage and transport off of Akila in return for the safety of the hostages.

starfield shaw gang demands
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Convince them to Surrender

If you have the Persuasion skill, you can try to talk the Shaw Gang into standing down in return for a lighter sentence. You'll have to fill out eight persuasion bars within three turns. So feel free to go with the higher-difficulty options. If you convince them to stand down, you can immediately end the quest there.

starfield shaw gang negotiate and persuasion job gone wrong
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Take the Backdoor Route

If you fail to convince the Shaw Gang, you'll have to take a more heavy-handed approach with them. However, this approach does end up netting you better rewards. Report back to Daniel Blake, and he'll give you the keys to the backdoor of the bank. Head around and head inside to clear up the bank robbers. If you talk to them first from outside and have them agree to you seeing the hostages, they won't be hostile regardless of what entrance you use.

Kill the Shaw Gang

There's a first floor and a basement vault where the hostages are held. There are six Shaw Gang members that need to be taken care of. We suggest heading down to the vault and taking out the members holding the hostages first. After this, you can pick off the enemies coming down the stairs one by one. Make sure to loot their bodies for some extra rewards.

Report Back to Marshall Daniel Blake

Once you're done dealing with the Shaw Gang, report to Daniel Blake and collect your rewards. Additionally, Daniel Blake will ask you to join the Freestar Rangers and head over to The Rock.

starfield job gone wrong quest end
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Job Gone Wrong Rewards

Here are the rewards for the first Freestar Collective Quest, Job Gone Wrong:

  • EXP: 150
  • Credits: 3800
  • Unlock Quest: Deputized
starfield job gone wrong mission rewards
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That's all you need to know about the Job Gone Wrong quest and its rewards. Follow the Freestar Collective questline for more rewards. You can also check our guides for the United Colonies Vanguard and Crimson Fleet questlines.

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