Starfield Freestar Rangers Questline: On the Run Walkthrough

starfield on the run quest red mile run starting

starfield on the run quest red mile run starting

On The Run is available directly after completing the 'Shadow in Neon' side quest. In this Freestar Rangers quest, we have information from the HopeTech Starship thief about Marco Graziani, who was responsible for financing the First Cavalry. Now, we are tasked with tracking down Marco Graziani.

Starfield: On The Run Walkthrough

Visit to The Red Mile

Open your Starmap, go to the Porrima System, and land on Porrima III. Once there, go to The Red Mile. Inside, you will need to find and talk to Autumn MacMillan.

starfield porrima iii grav jump for on the run quest
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Talk to Jade

She will tell you about her contact, Jade, who can help you gain an audience with Marco Graziani. Jade will suggest that you win The Red Mile and gain favor from Mei Devine.

starfield on the run quest talk to jade
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Talk to Mei Devine

You will find Mei Devine standing at the railing in a red coloured dress overlooking the gambling floor. Speak with her and let her know that you want an audience with Marco. Mei says she will do it only on one condition. Enter and survive the Red Mile.

starfield on the run quest mei divine run the mile
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Complete the Red Mile Run

Once you are ready and stocked up, speak with Mei and talk with her. After which, follow Mei to the stage near the door labelled 'Run'. Remember that Red Mile is a challenge where you face multiple waves of tanky enemies. Here are some tips.

  • It would be best if you stocked up on ammo reserves.
  • Stock up on Amps, Battlesims, Med packs and more.
  • Stow away heavy items from your inventory.
  • Ignore the enemies.
starfield on the run quest red mile run door
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After making preparations, head towards the door that says run and take the elevator to begin the challenge. For a detailed walkthrough, check out our Red Mile Run guide.

Return and Speak with Mei Devine

After you survive The Red Mile, speak with Mei. She will stay true to her part of the deal and reveal Marco's location to you.

starfield on the run quest mei divine success dialogue
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Travel to Codos

You learn from Mei that Marco is situated in Fortuna on Codos. Fortuna is Marco’s ship, and Codos is a moon of Akila in the Cheyenne Star System.

starfield on the run quest marco ship location
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Talk to Marco

You'll have to enter Marco's grand ship, Fortuna. This luxurious vessel houses several turrets, his team of mercenaries and some extravagant decorations. You can walk in and start your dialogue with Marco. You will get three choices to choose from.

  • Show the Badge
  • Kill Marco
  • Let Marco go
starfield on the run quest marco dialogue
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Should You Kill Marco?

Choosing to let Marco go is the easier option, and you'll save yourself the hassle of fighting through his goons and turrets. However, your companion will disapprove of this decision, and their affinity will decrease. This can be a hassle if you're trying to romance someone.

Fighting with Marco is the better option, as it has no lasting consequences. You'll have to fight him, his turrets and his goons, which can be challenging. However, if you get the keycard on his body, you can unlock the room with access to the turret computer in his office and have them take your side. This should make the fight ahead a lot more manageable. Equip yourself with the best early weapons and spacesuits before this fight!

Hand the Encrypted Slate to Alex Shadid

After you've decided, you can head back to Akila City and hand over the slate to Alex Shadid; doing this will complete the quest.

starfield on the run quest alex shadid encrypted slate dialogue
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On The Run Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the On The Run quest.

starfield on the run quest rewards
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That concludes our guide for the Freestar Rangers On The Run quest. We hope you've got your best gear ready because the next quest, First to Fight, First to Die, is going to be a difficult one!

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