Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline - Deep Cover

starfield deep cover speak to saorsie bowden

starfield deep cover speak to saorsie bowden

Deep Cover is the first mission of the Crimson Fleet questline, and it can be started as soon as you complete the first primary mission and arrive in New Atlantis. There are multiple ways to unlock the quest, but the fastest way is to commit a crime and get captured by the UC Vanguard in their territory, which will open the quest directly afterward.

Deep Cover Walkthrough

How to Unlock Deep Cover?

There are a couple of ways you can go about unlocking this quest. As mentioned earlier, the quickest method is getting arrested in United Colonies territory. You'll be taken up to the UC Vigilance, where you can speak with Commander Kibwe Ikande and start off the Deep Cover quest.

An alternative option is completing the United Colonies Vanguard quest, Grunt Work, and going directly to the UC Vigilance rather than being arrested.

Meet with Commander Kibwe Ikande

Meet and speak with Commander Ikande at the Operation Center of the UC Vigilance. You will find the commander at the Operation Center in the middle of the room. Ask questions and review the dialogue options to learn your role in their operation.

starfield deep cover commander ikande
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Speak to Lieutenant Toft

You will find Lieutenant Toft waiting by the control panels. Speak with her, and she will tell you about their plan to take down the Crimson Fleet. You'll be given a shipment of Aurora(a contraband item) and asked to make contact with some smugglers.

starfield deep cover speak to lieutenant toft
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Meet Saoirse Bowden in Cydonia

Travel to Cydonia on Mars, and once you arrive there, head to Cydonia Central Hub. Head down the ramp from the entrance and enter the Trade Authority on the right. You will find Saoirse Bowden here standing behind the door. You can start a conversation with her until she asks for 1000 Credits for information on her contact. Paying her 1000 Credits is a must here; otherwise, she will not say anything.

starfield deep cover pay soairse bowden 1000 credits
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Meet with Adler Kemp at the Broken Spear

Follow your quest marker, which will take you to Adler Kemp and speak with him. He has a little chore for you to do before helping you out. He asks you to get Karl Fielding to pay him his debt.

starfield deep cover speak to adler kemp
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Karl Fieldling’s Debt

Head toward the Cydonia Residential Area and down the main stairs, where you will find Karl. Speak with him and either persuade him or attack him to have him pay his debt of 3000 Credits.

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starfield deep cover speak to karl fieldling
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You can also pay it off for him yourself. 3000 Credits is a small amount, but the rewards for this mission make up for it.

Beware that if you attack Karl, the surrounding security bots will also attack you, and you will get a 15000 Credit bounty that you'll have to pay off. The quest can also fail if you take the fight towards Adler, who will also engage you in combat.

Return to Adler Kemp

Return to Adler Kemp and return him the money that is owed to him. After this, he will offer to get you more work by putting you in contact with someone from the Crimson Fleet. The mission will be complete, and you can start the next mission, ‘Rook Meets King.’ He'll also tell you that he sold off your Aurora shipment for hefty Credits.

starfield return to adler kemp in deep cover mission dialogue
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Deep Cover Quest Reward

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 11800

That concludes our guide for the first Crimson Fleet storyline quest. A whole saga of treasure hunting and piracy awaits. Get ready to prove your mettle in the quest Rook Meets King.

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