Starfield Crimson Fleet Quest - Eye of the Storm Walkthrough

starfield eye of the storm galbank legacy credit vault

starfield eye of the storm galbank legacy credit vault

Your treasure hunting and preparations have finally brought you to the big X. The only thing left is to test your plan and claim Kryx's Legacy. It's time to head over to Bannoc IV and discover what happened to the Galbank Legacy and the founder of the Crimson Fleet, Jasper Kryx, in the quest Eye of the Storm. Make your final decision between the Crimson Fleet or UC SysDef as well.

Eye of the Storm Walkthrough

Some tips include coming to the mission leveled up in the Security Skill and carrying a load of Digipicks. Furthermore, find some movement-enhancing aids and a spacesuit with high environmental damage resistance.

Speak With Delgado

Head inside the Key and speak to a panicked Delgado, who is talking to Jasmine about the upcoming UC SysDef attack and how they need the batteries to be operational. You'll be tasked with retrieving Kryx's Legacy as the Crimson Fleet prepares for their final battle with Commander Ikande.

starfield eye of the storm speak to delgado
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How to Install Comspike and Conduction Grid Module

You must install the Comspike module to locate the Legacy and the Conduction Grid Module to survive the EM storm. You can do this by speaking to Jasmine and opening the shipbuilder.

starfield eye of the storm add comspike module
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Over here, press the G key to open the 'Add' menu. Navigate to the equipment tab on the right and select the Comspike Module and Conduction Grid Modules one by one. You can place them almost anywhere on the surface of your ship, so don't worry about ports.

Speak to Commander Ikande aboard the UC Vigilance

You'll have the same conversation as Delgado with Commander Ikande about the upcoming attack, how you need to bring Kryx's Legacy to SysDef, and what they plan to do with it. Of course, this won't happen if you chose violence multiple times in previous missions and got the UC SysDef to cut ties with you.

starfield eye of the storm speak to commander ikande
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Proceed to Bannoc IV

Grav Jump to the Bannoc Star System and enter the orbit of Bannoc IV.

starfield eye of the storm bannoc iv unknown signal
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As soon as you enter, you'll be greeted by an orange EM storm threatening to tear your ship apart.

starfield eye of the storm bannoc iv em storm
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Board the Galbank Transport 'Legacy'

Make your way through the asteroid field and the EM storm quickly, as the lightning strikes can eventually wear down your shields and destroy your ship. Approach and dock the Galbank Transport 'Legacy.'

starfield eye of the storm galbank legacy
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Locate the Vault Control Center

Make your way through the ship and listen to the audio logs lying around detailing what happened to the crew.

starfield eye of the storm legacy dead crewmember
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Keep going ahead till you reach the Vault Control Center lock.

starfield eye of the storm vault module lock
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Locate a Transfer Module and Open the Vault Control Center

Pick up the Transfer Module from the feet of a corpse lying right behind you. Use this to open the Vault Control Center.

starfield eye of the storm transfer module
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Access the Credtank (Optional)

Walking ahead, you'll see a Credtank lying on the floor. Interact with it to get 5000 Credits.

starfield eye of the storm credtank
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Make Your Way Through the Ship

The following few sections of the ship can be repetitive and follow the same format. Every new area you run into will have a bunch of robots and turrets out to kill you. You can hack into the nearby computers to recalibrate these machines.

starfield eye of the storm computer to control robots
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You can lockpick the doors blocking your path to skip encounters quickly. The Security skill comes in handy several times on the ship.

starfield eye of the storm lockpick door for shortcut
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Eventually, you'll come into a massive room filled with CredTanks. This room will also be full of robots, including a particularly dangerous Class S Robot.

starfield eye of the storm model s robot
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Go to the Control Center

Defeat the Robots and walk to the Control Center for the main vault.

starfield eye of the storm jasper kryx corpse
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Retrieve Jasper Kryx's Possessions

You'll find Jasper Kryx's corpse on the chair in the Control Center. A pool of Credits will lie under him, and his weapon, the Revenant, will lie on the console. Be sure to pick it up, as it's the most powerful weapon in the game.

starfield eye of the storm the revenant weapon
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The Revenant is a beast of a weapon that can shred through anything in seconds. Don't underestimate it due to its low damage, as its on-hit effect and rate of fire more than make up for it.

Listen to Kryx's Recording

Listen to Kryx's Recording to learn how to redirect the power and collect all the Credits.

Reroute Ship's Power

Hit the two switches behind you in the Control Room to reroute all the power.

starfield eye of the storm power override controls
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Access and Download the Legacy's Credit Reserves

Insert the Galbank Credit Module and watch as all the Credits from the ship are drained and downloaded into it - the largest sum of money in Starfield.

starfield eye of the storm download credits from legacy
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Remove Transfer Modules and Data Core

Warning: This step will result in the Legacy losing its shields and gradually being torn apart by explosions. You won't be able to return, so if there is loot you wish to gather, we suggest you do it now.

When you're ready, remove the transfer module and prepare for the lights to go out as the Legacy blows up.

Escape the Legacy

There will be several explosions and gas leaks going on all around you. Coupled with the radiation from the reactor chamber, this makes for a ton of environmental hazards to look out for. The leaking gas will eventually kill you if you're not fast enough.

starfield eye of the storm legacy warning orange lights gas leak and exploding
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Furthermore, the lighting system dims out, and gas leaks everywhere, obstructing the view. To make matters worse, there are even more hostile robots to watch out for on the way back.

We suggest taking a bunch of chems that improve your movement speed and damage resistance to have an easier time moving around. You can increase your O2 supply while you're at it.

Should You Bring Kryx's Legacy to the Crimson Fleet or UC SysDef?

You only get this choice if you're still on good terms with the UC SysDef. Wherever you choose to Grav Jump will immediately end the quest, Eye of the Storm, and you'll be pulled into the final quest, Legacy's End.

starfield eye of the storm crimson fleet or uc sysdef decision
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Choosing the Crimson Fleet will allow you to access all their vendors in The Key and have all Crimson Fleet enemies become friendly towards you. While it might be morally dubious, it's still a net benefit.

However, siding with the Crimson Fleet can cause some quest bugs later on when you need to fight them and land bounties on your head. If you're looking to avoid those, then side with the UC SysDef and finish the mission assigned to you. Both choices reward you with the same number of Credits in the end.

Eye of the Storm Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits - 8400 (depends on levels)
  • Revenant

That concludes our walkthrough for Eye of the Storm. It's time to finish what you started and help either the Crimson Fleet or the UC SysDef reign supreme in the upcoming battle.

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