Starfield - Which Faction Should I Join?

Starfield faction soldiers breaking in with guns pointing

Starfield faction soldiers breaking in with guns pointing

Being a massive space RPG like Starfield, it is no surprise that the game constitutes several sections you can join. If you are wondering about all the major factions and which faction you should join in Starfield, keep reading further.

The Settled Systems are the home to various groups of people, each with different ideologies and laws. You can join multiple factions in Starfield, which means you gain access to their resources and form bonds with their members while running missions for them. Knowing which factions to join and which ones to go against will improve your gameplay experience from a story perspective.

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What are Factions?

Factions in Starfield are organizations and groups in the game that follow their own philosophy in the Settled Systems. Each faction has a unique aesthetic and perspective on how things should be run in the Settled Systems.

Through your journey, you will come into contact with many characters from each of these factions, and your interactions will dictate how the story plays out with each faction. While you can choose to join any faction, this might make you an enemy of another faction. So, let’s learn about the philosophy of every faction and which Starfield faction you should join.

What is Constellation?

Constellation is a group of young and ambitious explorers in space and serves as the first main faction you can join in the game. Based in the game’s central city of New Atlantis, Constellation’s members are integral to the main storyline.

Which One Should I Join?

There are several factions you can join in the game. They are listed below, along with their pros and cons.


starfield factions constellation main base room with Sarah Morgan and VASCO
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Credit: Bethesda

Constellation is tied closely to the main story, and joining it is highly incentivized for the players. One of the significant advantages of joining this faction is that you get to recruit several important Constellation members as your companions and, eventually, romantic partners.

Constellation is more of a neutral faction, and its primary purpose revolves around the main story of Starfield. This is the least controversial faction that you can join. Check out our complete Constellation Guide for more information on the space explorer guild.

Freestar Collective

starfield factions freestar collective home base akila city
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Credit: Bethesda

One of the most prominent factions in the game, Freestar Collective, is a group of space cowboys in Akila who wholeheartedly believe in individual freedom. You can join this faction to live your space Western fantasy and become part of such a large group to live by their ideals of freedom and collective bonds.

However, since the Freestar Collective has bad water with other factions like the United Colonies, you might be at odds with them. For more information on the Wild West settlers, check out our complete Freestar Collective Guide.

United Colonies

starfield factions united colonies soldiers saluting
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Credit: Bethesda

Another one of the largest factions in the game, the United Colonies, founded the city of New Atlantis. This faction consists of diverse people from different backgrounds who uphold law and discipline above anything.

Joining the United Colonies means you will have strong political and military backing but at the cost of an adverse relationship with Freestar Collective. If you want to dive deeper into the militaristic faction, check out our United Colonies Guide.

Crimson Fleet

Starfield factions crimson fleet pirate suit
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Credit: Bethesda

The signature evil faction in Starfield, Crimson Fleet, is a group of pirates known for plundering and pillaging in space. You can side with this faction and become evil or join them as a spy and remain a good guy.

However, remember that these pirates don’t take the deserters and traitors lightly. If the pirate life is for you, try our complete Crimson Fleet Guide.

Ryujin Industries

starfield factions ryujin industries man in blue suit
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Credit: Bethesda

This faction represents the corporate life in space that is bright and shiny on the outside but hides some grim secrets underneath. Ryujin Industries is an excellent place to get work for any job seekers in the galaxy; be careful what you sign up for, though!

You can be hired to join Ryujin Industries and enjoy a great start to your game. However, as mentioned, be wary about this group.

Xenofresh Corporation

starfield factions xenofresh corporation main city with neon lights
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Credit: Bethesda

Like Ryujin Industries, the Xenofresh Corporation is also based in Neon and home to some shady industrial practices. It is not technically a 'faction' but a company with deep ties into the foundation of Neon that you can work for.

After reading the description of each faction, you should be able to decide which faction to join in Starfield. We recommend working mainly with Constellation while siding with United Colonies or the Freestar Collective in parallel for the first playthrough. During your second game run, you can join the other two major factions to change things or even take the evil route by becoming a dedicated member of the Crimson Fleet.

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