Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline - Rook Meets King

starfield crimson fleet the key lobby

starfield crimson fleet the key lobby

You've finally managed to land a meeting with a member of the Crimson Fleet. It's time for your first initiation mission. Prove your worth, and you'll be added to the ranks of the Crimson Fleet. Here, you'll get access to the Key and its vendors. So let's see what to do with Austin Rake in the quest Rook Meets King.

Rook Meets King Walkthrough

Rendezvous with the Astraea at Europa

Head to the moon Europa in the Sol system, where you must rendezvous with the Astraea.

starfield rook meets king travel to astraea
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Speak to Naeva

Hail the Astraea and speak to Naeva, who will tell you to kill a man named Austin Rake if you want to join the Crimson Fleet. Austin Rake is a defector from the Fleet.

Find the Ragana near Enceladus

Travel to the moon of Saturn, Enceladus, in the Sol System.

starfield rook meets king enceledus moon of saturn
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Wait a bit, and the Ragana will show up near you.

Hail the Ragana

Hail the Ragana and tell them why you're here. You can blow them up without speaking or talk to them and board the ship using UC Sysdef or Crimson Fleet dialogue options.

starfield hail the ragana in rook meets king
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What to do with Austin Rake?

There are a bunch of choices you can make with the fate of Austin Rake. Killing him or the crew members will make Commander Ikande mad at you. Letting him go will make Naeva mad at you. However, neither of these outcomes will halt the quest's progress or change up your rewards besides Naeva asking for medical supplies.

Here are all the choices you can take:

  • Destroy the ship
  • Board the ship and convince them to kill Austin Rake.
starfield rook meets king the ragana crew pointing guns at you
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  • Guess who Austin Rake is and kill only him.
  • Tell the crew that you'll spare them if Austin Rake turns himself in at the UC SysDef Vigilance. They'll give you medical supplies as proof.
starfield rook meets king speak to ragana captain
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Return to Naeva in Europa's Orbit and Fend off the Ecliptic Fighters

Once you return to Naeva to report, she'll be under attack by a group of Ecliptic Mercenary ships. Help her out with them. You shouldn't have much trouble as long as you have a decent early-game ship or have done a bit of shipbuilding.

starfield rook meets king fight off the ecliptic mercenaries
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Speak to the Astraea

Speak to Naeva, and she'll be happy regardless of whether you kill just Austin Rake or the entire crew. She'll then tell you that you're cleared for landing at The Key in the Kryx Star System, and she'll be waiting for you.

starfield rook meets king speak to naeva
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Report to the Vigilance

Head to the UC Vigilance near the moon Phobos. Hail and board the ship.

starfield rook meets king head to the UC Vigilance
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Follow the Recruit and Speak to Commander Ikande

Follow the SysDef Recruit and take the elevator to the command center, where you can speak with Commander Kibwe Ikande. He'll tell you that he was the one who hired the Ecliptic Mercenaries.

Starfield Rook Meets King speak to commander ikande
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You can lie to him about where Naeva asked you to meet if you want to side with the Crimson Fleet eventually.

Travel to the Key

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Make your way to the Kryx Star System, where the Key is in the orbit of Suavarov.

Starfield Rook Meets King the key in the kryx star system
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Hail and dock The Key. Board it and make your way inside.

Starfield Rook Meets King the key space station
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Follow Naeva

Once you enter, you'll be treated to the sights of The Key, a history lesson from Naeva, and a meeting with all the vendors available in the area. It's an excellent place to get smuggling parts from.

Starfield Rook Meets King crimson fleet pirates fighting each other
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Speak to Shinya Voss

Talk to Shinya Voss, who will set you up in the Crimson Fleet's internal systems. You can pick up Crimson Fleet missions after this.

Starfield Rook Meets King speak to shinya voss
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Speak to Delgado

Head up the elevator and make your way to speak to the leader of the Crimson Fleet, Delgado. He'll tell you the basic rules and give you another assignment to prove your mettle alongside the other new recruit. This will conclude the Rook Meets King quest.

Starfield Rook Meets King speak to delgado
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Rook Meets King Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 11300 (based on level)
  • Pirate Swashbuckler Gear

Next, we have the Crimson Fleet quest, Echoes of the Past.

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