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neon city starfield
Credit: Bethesda

neon city starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield is here, so you are probably wondering what faction to join during your galactic adventure. Factions can provide you with many advantages and additional game content, which is particularly important in such titles. And next, you will find the Xenofresh Corporation guide in Starfield.

Here, we will tell you about the history of this faction, its location, and how to join it.

Xenofresh Corporation History

In the waning years of the 22nd century, Xenofresh Fisheries stumbled upon the aquatic world of Volii Alpha within the Volii system, where they established a fishing platform.

Before long, Xenofresh unearthed an intriguing property of the native Chasmbass species on Volii Alpha - these creatures secreted substances that induced an addictive hallucinogenic effect in humans, devoid of any noticable adverse effects. Medical authorities sanctioned the resulting drug, named Aurora, for human consumption.

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However, the United Colonies swiftly prohibited its usage within its borders. This prohibition triggered a surge in tourist activity on the Xenofresh platform, prompting the realization that Aurora held greater profit potential than traditional fish sales.

In 2187, Xenofresh underwent a radical transformation, turning the platform into the vibrant pleasure city of Neon, where Aurora flowed abundantly. Following Volii's integration into the Freestar Collective in 2189, the sale and use of Aurora were officially confined to the confines of Neon.

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Fast forward to 2330, and Xenofresh Fisheries, led by CEO Benjamin Bayu, still commands Neon and Volii Alpha. Bayu has decreed that the legal distribution of Aurora is exclusively entrusted to Boone Morgan at the Astral Lounge club in Neon's Trade Tower.

With Xenofresh's ownership of both the Trade Tower and the Astral Lounge, this arrangement solidifies the company's monopoly over the legal Aurora trade. Despite efforts by Neon Security and the Freestar Rangers, Aurora smuggling remains a persistent issue outside the boundaries of Neon. Simultaneously, Xenofresh Fisheries continues its primary mission of harvesting the seas of Volii Alpha, providing sustenance to the Settled Systems.

Xenofresh Corporation Location

As stated in the Xenofresh history section, the company can be found in the Volii System. Over the years, they have expanded their operation to much more than just a fishing platform.

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These days, the platform is better known as the pleasure city of Neon. To visit there, set a course for Volii Alpha, and you will find the headquarters in the heart of the city. That is, of course, if you can pull yourself away from all the other distractions the city has waiting for you!

How To Join Xenofresh Corporation

You can't officially 'join' Xenofresh as you can with other factions like the Freestar Rangers, but you can apply for a job and end up working for the company.

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To do this, you will need to start the quest 'Fishy Business', during which you will apply for work and learn the ins and outs of daily work for the fishing corporation.

That's about all there is to know about the Xenofresh Corporation in Starfield; head to Neon today to start your adventure there. If you want more information about this fantastic game, plenty of other guides are waiting for you on our website. For example, you can take a look at our article about Ecliptic Mercenaries. Also, here is a guide to all Starfield achievements; make sure to check it out!

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