Starfield - Best Side Quests

starfield spaceship for best side quest

starfield spaceship for best side quest

As interesting as the main storyline of an open-world RPG may be, the side quests genuinely uplift the narrative experience and world-building of the game. This is undoubtedly true for Bethesda’s latest title, Starfield, which offers players dozens of exciting optional missions. Whether looking for stunning rewards or heart-wrenching stories, these best side quests in Starfield have everything to offer.

Although Starfield is stacked with interesting main missions and faction quests, here are the best side quests you don’t want to miss out on!

In Memoriam

Although In Memoriam lacks action, this quest is phenomenal from the narrative aspect as you learn about Sarah Morgan’s past as a UC fighter as it unfolds.

starfield in memorium side quest sarah morgan dialogue
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So, not only do you understand how Sarah has the most impactful background stories among your Constellation companions, but you also get to romance her after completing this quest. Pretty neat, right?

Space Frog From Outer Space

The Space Frog From Outer Space is a relaxing quest that gives you a nice break from all the hectic intergalactic drama. It requires you to place 6 Space Frog drawings around the city of Cydonia on Mars, as tasked by a little girl named Renee Shelby.

starfield frog from outer space side quest renee dialogue
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Although it doesn’t offer much reward-wise besides a cute decoration collectible, the Space Frogs are worth the effort.


This side quest is perfect for players who are itching for space diplomacy and want to test their assertiveness. Overdesigned will have you persuade the design team of Walter Stroud’s shipping company, Stroud-Eklund, to create a massive spaceship named Kepler R.

starfield overdesigned side quest dialogue options
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As terrible as the design of this giant hunk of metal is, your involvement in the project grants you some sense of accomplishment, and the free ship as a reward is just the cherry on top!

Juno’s Gambit

This side quest seems to trigger randomly inside the Tau Ceti system when you witness an Ecliptic Ship attacking a cruiser. Destroy the Ecliptic and get on board to talk to the two Ryujin Industries’ operatives inside.

starfield juno's gambit juno probe dialogue
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They inform you about a sentient AI on a ship called Juno. You can either shut down Juno permanently, kill the operatives to let Juno be or persuade them to leave the AI alone. It’s a deep quest reflecting on humanity’s dilemma about AI’s sentience.

Mantis Quest

The Mantis side quest has some of the most incredible rewards, so it’s worth doing early on in the game. It will have you travel to the Denebola I-B planet and traverse the Lair of the Mantis.

starfield mantis quest mantis suit reward
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Once you successfully make it through several enemies and traps, you will emerge in a cave inspired by Batman. You will find a spaceship and spacesuit that resemble Gotham’s favorite vigilante and are one of Starfield's many Easter Eggs.

The Audition

The Audition quest occurs inside the Madame Sauvage’s Place bar in Neon City. This mission teaches you about the two street rival gangs, the Strikers and the Disciples.

starfield the audition side quest andrea dialogue
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You can join the Strikers during this mission, which has you deal with the Disciples in various creative ways and earn some slick rewards, including Strikers Maskwear apparel.


Groundpounder is a massive side mission that has you travelling to different locations to aid the two stranded squadrons of United Colonies and Freestar Collective. In the Altair system, you will learn during this mission how these groups from the two opposing factions are cooperating to deter a common enemy.

starfield side quest groundpounder private mahoney dialogue
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Furthermore, this mission grants you tons of rewards and some quick XP, which makes it worth your time!

First Contact

Travel to the orbit of Porrima II to trigger the First Contact side quest, where you can board a large unidentified ship. Talking to the people on board will make you realize that they are colonists struggling to build their home on Porrima II against a corporation trying to turn the planet into a luxury resort.

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Now, it’s in your hands to conclude this dramatic conflict and decide the fate of these primitive colonists.

Operation Starseed

Operation Starseed is the best and most complex side quest on this list. It has you reach the planet Charybdis III and find the Crucible to discover that all the residents in this place are clones of some historical figure.

starfield operation starseed side quest dialogue with franklin roosevelt
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For instance, you can meet with Franklin Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, and Amanirenas, each leader holding a different agenda for their society. In this quest, you’ll make some difficult choices that permanently alter the fate of Crucible.

That's our list of the best side quests in Starfield. Also, check our list of all space activities and the best weapons.

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