The Kryx star system is a star system in the Settled Systems region of the galaxy in Starfield. It is home to 1 planet: Kryx.

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Starfield Kryx star-systems Image
  • Mass 1.10SM
  • Temperature 6000K
  • Radius 731114
  • Spectral Class G0
  • Catalogue Id GL 598
  • Magnitude 4
  • Level 20

How many planets does Kryx have?

The Kryx star system has 1 planet

How Do I Get To Kryx?

To get to Kryx, you must use a starship with a jump drive. Jump drives allow starships to travel faster than the speed of light by creating a temporary wormhole.

Is Kryx Hostile?

Kryx's system is hostile because they don't welcome outsiders. The Crimson Fleet, which maintains the presence of this system, does not want unwanted visitors. You won’t enjoy any time spent there unless you join the fleet.

Best Kryx Planet for Outposts

As Kryx is a desert planet with no atmosphere, it is not suitable for human habitation or the construction of bases and settlements. Therefore, there are no good planets for outposts in the Kryx system.

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