Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - War Relics

starfield war relics 1 of a kind mech yard

starfield war relics 1 of a kind mech yard

Now that you've collaborated with Vae Victis and brought together Hadrian's Terrormorph research team, there's just one member left. Kaiser is the team's field operations unit, and you need to retrieve him from a xenomorph-infested planet. Let's go over how to retrieve Kaiser in the UC Vanguard mission, War Relics.

Starfield War Relics Walkthrough

Report to Hadrian

Make your way to the Red Devils HQ on Mars and take the elevator down into the base.

starfield war relics red devils hq on mars
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Speak to Hadrian and get the components and passcode required to unlock the Kaiser. You can also give her the good news about how her team is back together. Lastly, you can reveal whether Vae Victis is dead or alive here. You can lie about him being dead for an easier time with the choices ahead.

starfield war relics speak to hadrian
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Travel to Niira

Travel to Niira, located in the Narion Star System, and land at the 1-of-a-kind Salvage.

starfield war relics travel to niira one of a kind salvage
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Speak to Gel

Make your way into the facility and talk to Gel, who will be hanging around outside the entrance door. He'll tell you about Kaiser and refer to him as Captain Ahab. You can pay him 1000 Credits for the exact location of Kaiser, use Persuasion to lower the price to 675 Credits, or seek out Kaiser on your own. Sarah Morgan will lower the price to 300 Credits if she's your active companion.

starfield war relics speak to gel about kaiser
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Find Kaiser in the Mech Fields

Kaiser is located inside the Syracuse, an abandoned UC vessel that crashed here. You'll have to fight through several Sirens to make your way here. These Sirens are relatively strong creatures, so be on guard.

starfield war relics siren enemy in mech fields
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Follow the Beacon

Once you get close to the Syracuse, you'll hear beeping, and you can follow it to find the Kaiser inside with Heatleaches stuck to his body.

starfield war relics heatleeches on kaiser
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Remove the Creatures from Kaiser

Shoot the Heatleeches to remove them from Kaiser and free him.

Speak to Kaiser

Speak to Kaiser using the passcode "Nos Belli Machinis," given to you by Hadrian. He'll tell you that he needs a Microcell to regain his functionality.

starfield war relics kaiser password
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Purchase a Microcell

Head back to Gel and talk to him about the Microcell. You can purchase it from him for 11000 Credits, which shouldn't be too steep an asking price at this point in the game. Alternatively, he'll tell you how to craft a Microcell.

starfield war relics buy a microcell from gel
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Craft a Microcell

To craft a Microcell, you'll need three components. The gel will mark them for you on your map. Head to each site and clear out any enemies that show up.

  • Ecliptic Mercenaries guard the site on the left with the Microcell Power Source.
  • The site in the middle is surrounded by toxic waste.
  • The site on the right with the Microcell Conductor Array will have you attacked by two Sirens once you pick up the item.

Once you have all the components, head back inside to the workbench next to Gel and craft the Microcell.

starfield war relics craft the microcell
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Get the Trickshot (Optional)

Additionally, you can get the unique and powerful weapon Trickshot from a pod in the middle near the entrance. This weapon can help you later in the mission unless you have better gear available.

starfield war relics trickshot weapon in mech husk outside facility
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Return the Microcell to Kaiser

Return the Microcell to Kaiser, and he will regain his functionalities.

Speak with Kaiser

You can try talking to him about his new mission, but he insists that his current mission takes priority over all else. You must help him eliminate the Xenowarfare creature known as Unit 99.

starfield war relics kaiser mission to eliminate unit 99
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Follow Kaiser to the Mission Site

Follow Kaiser to the location of Unit 99. On the way, you will be attacked by several Sirens, so be on the guard.

starfield war relics follow kaiser to mission site
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Speak to Kaiser

Kaiser will tell you that Ecliptic Mercenaries have gained control of Unit 99. You have the choice of performing a frontal assault and killing Unit 99 or sneaking in to deactivate Unit 99. Sneaking in is tricky, as you need to steal Unit 99's interface from the Ecliptic Mercenary leader. Don't bother unless you've maxed out stealth skills and have a decent stealth build.

starfield war relics talk to kaiser about unit 99
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Clear the Ecliptic Mercenary Base and Kill Unit 99

Fight the Ecliptic Mercenaries and Unit 99. The enemies here can be pretty powerful, so bring your best weapons. The Trickshot you picked up earlier will also be quite helpful here. The Power Anti-Gravity field will leave Unit 99 and the mercenaries vulnerable to large bursts of damage.

starfield war relics unit 99 floating under effect of anti gravity
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Return to the Red Devils HQ

Talk to Kaiser one last time and update him about the new mission regarding the Terrormorphs. He'll make his way back to your ship. Return to your ship and head to the Red Devils HQ on Mars.

starfield war relics update kaiser
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You'll see a scene where Percival, Hadrian, and the Kaiser are all reunited and ready to go forward with their final plan.

starfield war relics kaiser meets hadrian and percival
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War Relics Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 9300

This concludes our guide for the UC Vanguard quest, War Relics. Next, we have one of the most dangerous missions in Starfield, Hostile Intelligence.

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