Starfield - How to Max Stealth Skill Fast

starfield character holding silence pistol for stealth build

starfield character holding silence pistol for stealth build

While you can go in guns blazing into every encounter, stealth in Starfield is also viable. Stealth lets you avoid enemy encounters, pickpocket them, and get powerful stealth crit bonuses. However, it can take some time to level Stealth skills in Starfield. Here's a guide on how to max Stealth skills fast in Starfield.

There are three skills that we consider essential in any decent stealth build. These skills are Theft, Concealment, and, of course, Stealth. It would be best if you leveled all three to become a master of the shadows in Starfield. So, today, we'll look at how to max these stealth skills fast in Starfield.

How to Max Stealth Skill Fast?

First, we'll talk about the most important of the three, the Stealth skill. Putting a point into this skill unlocks the Stealth Meter, and additional levels improve your stealth and increase your sneak attack damage. Each level is worth it, so you should aim to max the Stealth skill early in Starfield.

To max the Stealth skill, you must land sneak attacks on enemies quickly and consistently. The best way to do this is by locating a planet with abundant Fauna and going to it. Over here, you can start blasting away sneak attacks at the local wildlife and quickly stack up the required sneak attacks. This also lets you move on some weapon skills, which you can use with our early game Creature XP farm method.

How to Max Concealment Skill Fast?

The second most important skill for a stealth build is Concealment. Concealment is a Master tier skill but worth investing in a stealth build. It provides stealth attack multipliers, which are great for sniper and melee builds. Additionally, you get a chameleon ability, stealth sprinting, and combat stealth.

starfield bug enemy sneak attack to max stealth skill concealment
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To max the Concealment skill, you need to land melee sneak attacks. This can seem daunting and annoying, but we have a way to simplify this grind. Find an EM weapon that can stun enemies and locate a high-level enemy. Now stun the enemy with the EM weapon, sneak up and land some melee hits. Rinse and repeat till your Concealment skill is maxed out.

Alternatively, you can go to a low-level planet with many weak bug enemies and one-tap them until your Concealment skill is maxed out.

How to Max Theft Skill Fast?

The final stealth skill isn't related to combat but is an essential utility skill you should take advantage of. The Theft skill unlocks the pickpocket ability, which is required for some Starfield quests.

starfield stealth pickpocket on npc to max ability
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You must have over 20 successful pickpocket attempts to max out the Theft skill. While you can try your hand at enemies, this method is a lot less safe. We suggest going to crowded cities with many NPCs, such as New Atlantis or Neon City. To make it easier for yourself, you can make a save file before you go pickpocketing to avoid a bounty in case you get caught. With some trial and error, you should be able to max out the Theft skill quickly.

That's all you need to know on how to max stealth skills fast in Starfield. If you're interested in a stealthy build or illegal activities, we suggest learning the bucket-on-head trick and our guide on how to smuggle Contraband.

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