Starfield - Bucket On Head Trick

character from starfield with cooking pot on head

character from starfield with cooking pot on head

A classic Skyrim meme returned this week in Starfield when TikTok user dawidp0lska posted his video bringing back the 'basket on head' trick from the Bethesda classic. This time, Starfield players have replicated the trick using cooking pots to stop NPC's viewing their thieving ways.

In Skyrim, players found hours of entertainment picking up baskets to sit on the heads of unaware NPC's throughout the game. This trick would then allow items to be stolen from around the area, which would usually have resulted in jail time.

skyrim guard with bucket on head
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Credit: Steam Community

Dawidp0lska uploaded a video showcasing how to use the cooking pot in Starfield similarly. Pick the item up and carefully drop it over a character's head to blind them from your criminal deeds. Or do it for the lulz.

Either way, this new trick may get patched out as Bethesda added in a fix where the NPC's of Skyrim would shake the standard bucket off their head. This didn't stop things as players soon discovered a workaround using the larger buckets in the game to block their vision once more.

lego starfield frontier ship
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In other news, one fan is trying to get backing for his idea to have a Starfield Lego Frontier set to become a reality. The modular ship design could be a fantastic addition to any space farers collection, so be sure to check it out and vote.

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