Kreet is a small, desolate moon of the planet Anselon in the Settled Systems. It is a barren wasteland with a rocky surface and a thin atmosphere. The only life on Kreet is a variety of heavily-armored invertebrates. Kreet is home to an abandoned research facility, which is now overrun by pirates from the Crimson Fleet. The facility is said to contain valuable technology, and many adventurers have tried to explore it, but few have ever returned.

Last Updated 11 Aug 2023 at 21:23 pm GMT
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    What is the closest Moon to Kreet?

    The closest moon to Kreet is Anselon I

    Does Kreet have resources?

    Kreet has resources. The moon is rich in minerals, metals, and energy.

    How do I get to Kreet?

    To get to Kreet, you would need to travel to the Narion star system. Once you are in the system, you would need to find a way to land on Kreet.

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