Starfield Selling Guide - Where, How and What to Sell?

starfield trade authority npc

starfield trade authority npc

The world of Starfield is vast and encompasses several factions and colonies. However, the one thing that ties all these together is Credits. Whether you want to buy or sell something, Credits will be the go-to currency for transactions. We've got you covered if you're looking for the best places to sell in Starfield.

There needs to be more than just knowing the best places to sell goods, as Starfield features thousands of items. Being over-encumbered is a real problem, and you'll frequently want to sell off your useless junk for some good Credit returns. So, we'll also look at the best items to sell in Starfield.

Best Skill for Selling in Starfield

The commerce skill is essential to sell items in Starfield at reasonable rates. Not only does it let you buy things for cheaper, but it also lets you sell them for higher returns. As you buy more expensive items and the best weapons and armor, this skill gives you significant financial returns.

Skills like negotiation and persuasion can also help you get some excellent bargains and discounts. Or if you're going for a thief build, use the theft skill.

What to Sell in Starfield

Ideally, you should grab and sell everything that you don't plan on using that you can get your hands on. However, the encumbrance mechanic in Starfield prevents you from looting the entire universe clean. However, here is a list of items you should be looking for if you're planning on making quick credits by selling in Starfield.

Extra Weapons and Armor

One of the most obvious things to sell in Starfield is the extra weapons and armor pieces you don't plan on using. You should always pick these up as they sell for the highest amount of Credits. However, they weigh a lot, and you'll quickly be over-encumbered. Invest a bit in the weight lifting skill and sell excess weapons and armor for good credit returns.

Science Items and Desk Objects

While they may seem insignificant initially, science items and desk objects can go for 150-350 Credits each. They also weigh less, so you can stack up on them for some quick credit returns. Items in this category to watch out for are:

  • Desktop Globe
  • Planetary System Sculpture
  • Desktop Digiframe
  • Empty Oxygen Booster
  • Microscope
  • Molecule Extractor

Stolen Ships

It's no secret that buying ships early can seem like an impossible task due to how expensive they seem. However, one of the major space activities in Starfield is the ability to board and steal enemy ships. Once you've killed the crew and registered it as your own, you can sell ships for upwards of 10k Credits each. So that you know, there will be a registration fee for each ship.

starfield mantis ship
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Apparel is just cosmetics to make your character look nicer or have more personality. There are dozens of apparel in Starfield, and they all sell for a handsome amount. We suggest keeping your unique apparel and selling any that you don't need.


You'll find hundreds of books lying around in Starfield. While you may think they're not valuable, some collectors are willing to pay a fortune for these paper relics.

Survey Slates

Once you 100% explore any planet or moon, you get its corresponding Survey Slate. These can go for a very high price to the right vendor.

starfield planet scan
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Contraband refers to the illegal goods you'll find while exploring abandoned bases or looting enemy ships. Getting caught with these on board can lead to your arrest. However, these are the most valuable commodities in Starfield when selling items. Make sure to learn everything about smuggling contraband.

starfield contraband scan getting caught
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Best Vendors For Selling Items in Starfield

There are several notable vendors for selling specific items in Starfield.

Trade Authority

The Trade Authority is the most convenient vendor to sell to in Starfield because they have a kiosk available in every city and near most landing sites. If you're ever over-encumbered, drop by one of these kiosks and get rid of your useless items. The Trade Authority also welcomes your contraband and won't ask funny questions about it.

Akila City Sinclair's Books

The best place to sell rare books in Starfield. The vendor here will easily pay you over 1000 Credits for rare books, which goes up to 2500 for the rarest books. You can find this book store in Akila City on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne Star System in the heart of the Freestar Collective.

Crimson Fleet Base

The Crimson Fleet is great for multiple reasons. The main one is that their territory does not scan your ship for Contraband. You can walk into their base at the Key and sell away all your contraband to their vendors for some free Credits infinitely.

starfield crimson fleet soldier
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The Depot

The Depot is the commercial area within the Crimson Fleet's main base, the Key. Over here, you'll meet many notable vendors such as Zuri Abara, who has an inventory of 25000 Credits to purchase your items. As usual, Contraband is welcome with the Crimson Fleet.

Vladimir Sall

Vladimir is an NPC you meet after a couple of the main story quests. He is affiliated with Constellation and has an interest in exploration. As such, he will pay you handsomely for any planetary survey slates you bring to him. Be sure to sell your survey slates to Vladimir for over a thousand Credits each.

starfield vladimir sall wiping counter
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Ship Services

You can just sell your ships to the ship services NPCs that you can locate at the landing site of any major city or settlement. You can browse their wares for ship upgrades and new ships as well.

Starfield Vendors With the Most Credits

Sometimes, you'll have goods to sell, but the Vendors can no longer afford them. In that case, here are some vendors who have a lot of credits handy on them.

Zuri Abara

  • Credits: 25,000
  • Location: The Key, Kryx system

Anya Griffon

  • Credits: 12,500
  • Location: Residential District, New Atlantis


  • Credits: 11,000
  • Location: The Well, New Atlantis

Manaaki Almonte

  • Credits: 11,000
  • Location: Central Hub, Cydonia

Duncan Lynch

  • Credits: 11,000
  • Location: Trade Authority, Akila City

Kolman Lang

  • Credits: 11,000
  • Location: Upper Platform, Neon

Marcel Duris

  • Credits: 11,000
  • Location: The Den, Wolf system

That concludes our selling guide and everything you need to know about selling in Starfield, including the best vendors and items to sell. For more guides, learn how to make custom weapon skins and build automated outposts.

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