Starfield - Can You Go to Jail?

A cowboy styled character with a rifle

A cowboy styled character with a rifle

Go directly to jail; do not pass go, do not collect 200 credits. Starfield is a sprawling RPG with many systems and features working in unison to create a new reality. Many have wondered if you can go to jail in the game; we have that answer and some handy pointers below.

Allowing players to create their own stories by providing excellent and bad choices. Become a space scoundrel, attempt to smuggle contraband and hopefully avoid jail time with our guide below.

Can You Go to Jail?

The simple answer - yes, you can go to jail. Like Bethesda's previous titles, spending time in prison for misdeeds is entirely possible. Commit a crime in public view, and you will almost certainly be arrested on the spot.

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You can end up in jail in a few ways: murdering people in public and stealing or pickpocketing in plain sight will have security arrest you on the spot. All stolen items will be removed from your possession, and you may need to pay a fine.

Another downside of jail time is potential debt. Being arrested and sent to jail will also give you an XP penalty. If you need more current XP built up, you could end up in debt, with any further XP paying back the negative before allowing you to continue levelling up.

You can access the Burden of Proof side quest when you get arrested the first time. You will be on the UC Vigilance, where Kibwe Ikande will ask you to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet and report back to him.

This side story is entertaining and allows you to partake in the less civil goings-on in the galaxy while still standing firmly on the side of peace and order. Of course, like any other side quest, Burden of Proof is entirely optional.

Starfield Contraband

The easiest way to get arrested in Starfield is to hold contraband items. When entering planets or cities, your ship or you will be scanned for illegal items. If you haven't stored the contraband in the ship's cargo hold, you can fight, pay a fine, or go quietly (this option takes your XP instead of making you pay the penalty).

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It is best to avoid having contraband on your person when visiting a major city that scans you and your ship. Unless you aim to get yourself arrested, keep those illegal goods stashed away to avoid them showing up on a scan.

Space Scoundrel Background

For those looking to live on the edge, Space Scoundrel may be the background for you. This background comes with handy starting skills to give you the best start in your life of crime.

Space scoundrel character background card
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Handy for any build, but a must-have for wannabe pirates, light and readily available. Complete the challenges to upgrade the damage you can deal with pistols.

Smuggling and general space hijinks will go hand in hand with some skilled moves to avoid arrest. Piloting will improve your ship handling, ensuring you can get out of dodge when things get too hairy.

In trouble with the law, or worse, another faction? Persuasion will be required if you hope to talk your way out of, or into, a bad situation. Levelling this one up will make convincing others to see your point of view a lot easier.

So that's about it; you now know how to go to jail and hopefully how to avoid it. Space is a dangerous place to head into unprepared; why not check out some of our builds or factions guides to prepare yourself for any potential danger?

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