While there's no official description of this social skill yet, we can speculate that the Negotiation will allow you to get better deals when buying and selling items in Starfield. Similar to Bargaining, you will be able to buy items for a lower price and sell items for a higher price by being a good negotiator.

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  • Typesocial
  • Tiernovice

What does Negotiation do?

  • Negotiation lets you bribe officials, security officers and various different guards and managers.

What are the ranks for Negotiation?

  • You now have access to Bribery in speech challenges.
  • Reduces bribery cost by 25%.
  • Reduces bribery cost by 50%.
  • Occasionally, bribery won't cost any money.

Are there challenges to complete for the persuasion skill?

  • Spend a total of 4 Skill Points in the Social tree.
  • Bribe 3 times through persuasion.
  • Bribe 5 times through persuasion.
  • Bribe 10 times through persuasion.

What build does Negotiation work best with?

  • Pacifist: This build focuses on using negotiations to change people's minds. You'll need to invest heavily in the Social and Stealth skills for this build, including, the Negotiation, Intimidation, and Persuasion skills.
  • Trader: This build focuses on using negotiations to resolve conflicts peacefully. You'll need to invest heavily in Charisma and Intelligence for this build, as well as the Negotiation, Speech, Diplomacy, and Intimidation skills.

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