Starfield - Scientist Build

A screenshot of a scientist in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

A screenshot of a scientist in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield is a game about space exploration where humanity has progressed and spread across the universe through major technological breakthroughs. While many are complacent with the progress achieved, some factions, such as the people at Constellation, still wish to push the boundaries of science. That's where your role as a Scientist build fits in Starfield.

Starfield has a ton of science and tech-related abilities that you can use to enhance your abilities beyond those of the average person. Master the sciences and use them to your advantage in everything from exploration to commerce and combat. Here's our best Scientist build in Starfield.

What is a Scientist Build?

As a Scientist build in Starfield you are the master of the formal sciences and can use your intelligence and knowledge to get around any situation. You are adept with experimental weaponry and can use your knowledge to get around any roadblock. Research the most powerful weapons and gear to arm yourself for any confrontation. Have the most powerful chems at your disposal for stat boosts that will leave any enemy in the dust.

Best Scientist Background


A screenshot of a Xenobiologist in Starfield.
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

The Xenobiologist is a specialized researcher who explores planets and studies alien lifeforms. Research isn't all there is to them, as they understand the importance of protecting themselves with the latest technology in laser weaponry. You start with the skills:

  • Lasers - More damage on laser weapons


A screenshot of a Professor background in Starfield.
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

You can also take the role of a professor more inclined towards exploring and studying planets and inorganic resources rather than aliens. The Professor is well versed in research methods to protect themself. It pays off in the long run by letting you set up XP farming methods efficiently.

  • Astrodynamics - Grav Jump to faraway and unexplored Star Systems.
  • Geology - Find plentiful inorganic resources a lot more easily.
  • Research Methods - Research the latest weapons, spacesuits, and chems technologies.

Skills and Traits for Scientist Build

A screenshot of the surveying skill in Starfield.
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios


  • Astrophysics - It lets you scan faraway systems for the resources you need.
  • Botany - Allows you to collect more plentiful and rare resources from plant life.
  • Chemistry - Allows you to research advanced chems and performance boosters.
  • Fitness - More endurance to run around and carry resources.
  • Geology - Find plentiful inorganic resources a lot more easily.
  • Lasers - Lasers are the weapons of the future, and any man of science would make use of them.
  • Particle Beams - Particle Beams are another category of futuristic weapons that a scientist should have access to.
  • Research Methods - Research more efficiently into whatever upgrades you plan on unlocking.
  • Medicine - Increase the potency of your healing items and chems.
  • Rifle Certification - If you plan on picking up futuristic laser, particle, or magnetic rifles, get this skill.
  • Special Projects - Gain access to special research projects for your outposts and gear.
  • Spacesuit Design - Your spacesuit will need modifications to survive harsh climates.
  • Weapon Engineering - Use your vast resources to upgrade your weapons to their full potential.
  • Surveying - Upgrade your scanners to find resources more efficiently.
  • Xenosociology - Command alien life to fight for you with your mastery over xenosociology.
  • Zoology - Scan creatures and farm materials from them more efficiently.


  • Alien DNA - One of the most useful traits to have, as the reduced healing will be offset by your investment into chems.
  • Introvert - The scientist is a lone researcher dedicated to research on his own. If you have a companion, go with Extroverted.
  • Raised Enlightened - For roleplay purposes, it'd make sense to align with the science-first faction of Starfield.

Best Weapons for Scientist Builds

As a Scientist, you need to be armed with the most futuristic and state-of-the-art weapons that are powerful enough to mow down your enemies without too much physical exertion from you. Here are some of the best futuristic weapons to try out.

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  • Equinox (Laser Rifle)
  • Orion (Dual Laser Rifle)
  • Ember (Laser Pistol)
  • Big Bang (Particle Shotgun)
  • MagShot (Powerful Magnetic Handgun)
  • Unmitigated Violence (Endgame Laser Rifle)
  • Eternity's Gate/Va'ruun Inflictor (Particle Rifles)
  • Revenant (Endgame Magnetic Rifle)

Also, keep a lookout for the following Weapon Modifiers:

  • Exterminator: Bonus damage to Aliens.
  • Incendiary: Light enemies on fire for %HP damage.
  • Shattering: Break tough armor and hides.

Best Armor for Scientist Build

A scientist's best armor is his trusty lab coat. Unfortunately, it won't be enough to survive the brutality of space. However, you can use experimental armor that suits a futuristic scientist. Grab the Experimental Nishina Spacesuit from the Main Mission Entangled. It has great perks and stats and is worth grabbing as soon as possible. In the meantime, the Mark 1 spacesuit might catch your fancy.

Here are the Spacesuit modifiers you need to keep a lookout for:

  • Assisted Carry: Use 75% less oxygen when encumbered.
  • Resource Hauler: Resources weigh less.
  • Beast Hunter: -15% damage from Alien enemies.

Best Powers for Scientist Build

Lastly, a scientist embraces and studies the unknown rather than shy away from it. As such, you might be interested in discovering all the Powers in Starfield to complete your build. Some powers we can recommend for this playstyle include:

That concludes our guide for the best scientist build in Starfield. Now, you're ready to explore and experiment on all the known and unknown phenomena in the Settled Systems.

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