Spacesuit Design

While a basic spacesuit can protect one from the vacuum of space, it takes a specialized design to withstand the rigours of many alien worlds.

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Spacesuit Design
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What is Spacesuit Design?

The spacesuit design skill makes the process of crafting and upgrading space suits in Starfield a lot easier. It's great for space exploration, especially in harsh climates.


  • You can craft improved spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods, and research additional mods at a Research Lab.
  • You can research and craft superior spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods.
  • You can research and craft cutting-edge spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods.
  • Construction of spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods occasionally doesn't cost resources.


  • Spend a total of 4 Skill Points in the Science tree.
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