The Astrophysics skill is an Expert Science Skill that improves your ability to scan planets and moons for resources and hidden traits. With this skill, you will be able to find resources and hidden traits that can help you throughout your space journey.

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What does Astrophysics do?

It improves your ability to scan planets and moons for resources and traits from farther away.

What are the ranks for Astrophysics skill?

  • Unlock the ability to scan the moons of your current planet with a 10% chance to discover a trait.
  • Gain the capability to scan any planet or moon in this system, accompanied by a 20% chance to discover a trait.
  • Extend your scanning range to any planet or moon within 16 Light Years, with a 30% chance to discover a trait.
  • Expand your scanning reach to any planet or moon within 30 Light Years, while increasing your chance to discover a trait to 50%.

Are there challenges to complete for this skill?

  1. Spend a total of 8 Skill Points in the Science tree.
  2. Scan 10 unique planets or moons.
  3. Scan 25 unique planets or moons.
  4. Scan 50 unique planets or moons.

What build does Astrophysics work best with?

  • Space Explorer: The Space Explorer is on a journey to scan all the planets as quick as possible. Astrophysics is essential.
  • Scientist: The Scientist is a more focused build that is designed to research new technologies. This build is perfect for players who want to explore the universe and learn more about its secrets.
  • Space Captain: The Space Captain leads his crew across the Star Systems to ensure complete dominance in all the galaxies. Scan for points of interest from farther away.

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