Starfield Colonist Build

An image of a spaceship taking off from a rocky desert planet

An image of a spaceship taking off from a rocky desert planet

Starfield allows for the exploration of over a hundred different Star Systems. While you're not required to go through each of them, some players fancy themselves space explorers and take to the stars. However, you may want a more permanent presence on planets and moons that catch your fancy. If you plan on using the Outpost system to its full potential, this Starfield Colonist Build is for you.

What is a Colonist Build?

The Colonist is a settlement maniac who wishes to expand his empire of settlements and outposts across the galaxy. The primary purpose of Outposts is for resource gathering and farming. So, your main objective will be collecting resources and building while defending your settlements from raiders and alien creatures. Gathering resources isn't without merit, as you can then sell these off for profit, use them for advanced research and crafting, and use them to create incredibly powerful XP farm methods.

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Best Background for Colonist Builds


starfield colonist build homesteader background
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As a Homesteader, you’ll have Surveying, which at level 1 will add an optional zoom to your hand scanner. Your second skill is Weight Lifting, which, as the name suggests, will let you carry more in your inventory. These will both come in handy, but Geology is the key skill here. Gathering more resources will be a massive help in building and maintaining settlements.

Best Traits for Colonist Builds

  • Terra Firma: You will spend most of your time on planets building Outposts—some buffs to help you along.
  • Extrovert: Since you'll be working with a lot of companions, this will ensure you get a bonus when with them.
  • Hero Worshipped: A free companion with a large storage capacity. He'll keep you company even in the farthest reaches of space.
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Best Skills for Colonist Build

  • Geology - Learn how to scan and gather inorganic resources more efficiently.
  • Outpost Management - More crew, robots, cargo links, and outpost production.
  • Outpost Engineering - Research the more advanced Outpost Modules.
  • Environmental Conditioning - Gain resistance to environmental damage.
  • Leadership - An upgrade to all your companions and their respective skills.
  • Weight Lifting - Carry more resources with ease.
  • Ship Command - Increase the number of crew members and active bonuses.
  • Scavenging - Find more resources when scavenging around abandoned facilities around your outposts.
  • Special Projects - Gain access to special high-level Outpost modules.
  • Planetary Habitation - Gain the ability to create outposts on the most dangerous planets. You can increase your maximum Outposts.
  • Spacesuit Design - Your spacesuit will need modifications to survive harsh climates.
  • Weapon Engineering - Use your vast resources to upgrade your weapons to their full potential.
  • Xenosociology - Pacify and Command aliens to fight on your behalf.

Best Weapons for Colonist Build

As a Colonist, you'll be running into a lot of local wildlife and crazed enemy factions like the Spacers and Ecliptic Mercenaries. It's best to have weapons for both of these occasions. Your turrets should be doing most of the defending, but it's good to be armed for any situation. Here are some recommendations:

  • Equinox (Laser Rifle)
  • Drumbeat (Ballistic Rifle)
  • Coachman (Shotgun)
  • MagShot (Powerful Handgun)
  • Unmitigated Violence (Endgame Laser Rifle)
  • Revenant (Endgame Physical Rifle)

Also, keep a lookout for the following Weapon Modifiers:

  • Exterminator: Bonus damage to Aliens.
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  • Incendiary: Light enemies on fire for %HP damage.
  • Shattering: Break tough armor and hides.

Best Spacesuit for Colonist Build

Any Spacesuit you get is going to need modifications for increased environmental protection. Check out our best Spacesuits guide. Here are the Spacesuit modifiers you need to keep a lookout for:

  • Assisted Carry: Use 75% less oxygen when encumbered.
  • Resource Hauler: Resources weigh less.
  • Beast Hunter: -15% damage from Alien enemies.

Best Powers For Colonist Build

The Colonist needs to survive harsh environments while farming resources efficiently. Luckily, Starfield gives you access to unique Powers, which can prove quite useful. Here are our best picks:

Best Companions for Colonist Build

As a Colonist, you'll want companions and crewmates to populate all your bases. Here are the best ones to consider:

That concludes our guide on the Starfield Colonist Build. Now you can go out there and populate space with your Outposts.

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