How to Change Appearance in Starfield

starfield player standing in front of enhance advertisement

starfield player standing in front of enhance advertisement

It's understandable if you reconsider what your character should look like. You might decide to side with one faction over another when making tough decisions. However, your appearance needs to fit the side you're supporting. You need to know how to change your appearance in Starfield.

Being able to change your appearance on the fly is a convenient option, as you never have to feel worried about getting stuck with the same character model. Change your character's appearance and find the look that suits you the best.

How to Change Appearance in Starfield

You can change your appearance in Starfield by visiting any Enhance! shops throughout the major cities of the Settled Systems. The easiest one to get to is in the Commercial District of New Atlantis on Jemison. Take the transit train to the commercial district and head past the Infinity building. You'll see the shop sign for the Enhance! shop inside the Valbera building.

starfield enhance shop counter to change appearance
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Now, walk up to the counter and start a dialogue. Choose the "I'd like to use your services" option, and in exchange for only 500 Credits, you will be sent back to the character creation menu, where you can freely alter your appearance.

Other Enhance! locations include Neon, Akila City, Cydonia and Paradiso.

What Can You Change in Starfield?

There is a lot that you can change about your appearance in Starfield. Here are all the articles in your appearance that you can change in Starfield:

  • Body Style
  • Body Type
  • Walk Style
  • Skin Tone
  • Skin Tone
  • Head Shape
  • Hair and Hair Colour
  • Eyes and Eye Colour
  • Eyebrows and Eyebrow Colour
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth and Teeth
  • Jaw, Chin and Neck
  • Jewelry and Jewelry Colour
  • Dermaesthetic
  • Complexion Colour Temp and Complexion Blemishes
  • Scars and Tattoos
  • Facial Forms One and Facial Forms Two
  • Cheek One and Cheek Two
  • Lipstick Base and Lipstick Accents
  • Eyeshadow Upper and Eyeshadow Lower
  • Eyeliner Upper and Eyeliner Lower
  • Dirt
  • Pronouns
  • Name

Once you save your changes, you'll see that your character's appearance has been altered. So that you know, you cannot change things such as your background or traits.

That's all you need to know about changing appearance in Starfield. While you're here, check out our advanced shipbuilding guide and how to pick locks.

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