Evil Decisions You Can Make in Starfield

starfield evil decisions you can make

starfield evil decisions you can make

With Starfield, we see the classic Bethesda RPG formula that lets you make several decisions leaning from good to neutral and evil. This means that some players can live their fantasies of being evil and roleplaying to the fullest, as this gives you a lot of choices to make. Evil decisions are sometimes the most fun ones to make in Starfield. Here is a list of the evil things you can do in Starfield.

Evil Decisions in Starfield

Fail At Negotiating the Bank Heist

Early in your playthrough of the main story quest, The Empty Nest, in Akila City, you are to hunt down an artifact with Sam. The details of its location lie in the bank vaults. There is one minor issue: the bank has been taken over by bandits where they are holding hostages, and you have to act as a negotiator for the Freestar Rangers.

If you refuse to do the negotiations in the quest, Job Gone Wrong, and manage to get inside the bank without the Bandits spotting you, you will find the bandits' leader with a hostage. Wait long enough, and the Bandit leader will give up negotiations and kill the hostage in front of you.

starfield job gone wrong negotiation
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Cheating on Your Spouse

Unlike in previous games, where you can have multiple partners at once as long as they do not know of each other’s existence, the same can not be said for Starfield. If you choose to get into a relationship and then proceed to flirt and then cheat on your partner.

The word will spread fast, which will end up putting you in divorce courts. Though you can flirt at the start with multiple people, the more serious you get in your relationship, the harsher the consequence will be. However, some players have figured out glitches for multiple partners.

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Blowing up the ESC Constant

In the Perima System, you can come across an unknown ship that will be orbiting around the colony of Paradiso. Upon boarding the ship, you will be tasked with negotiating between the executive board of Paradiso and the ESC Constant.

One of the suggestions from the CEO of Paradiso is that things would be much easier if the other party just "stopped existing," which is a light way to say that you blow up a ship full of civilians and children. Override the safety systems in the reactor of the old ship, which will lead to a terrible explosion, killing hundreds.

starfield worst decisions blow up esc constant
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Let Davis Die

In a side quest in Akila City, you are tasked with deploying sensors to keep track of the Ashta, a local population of beasts threatening the local humans. At the end of the questline, you will go patrolling the head of security, Davis, where an Alpha Ashta will attack the two of you. You can choose not to engage, and Davis will attempt to fight it off alone, which will most probably result in his death.

Support Neuroamp Tech

In the Ryujin Industries questline, you can have the company pursue their Neuroamp Technology during the mission, Executive Level. This technology, when used, allows you to use Manipulation to control the other person's mind and have them do whatever you desire. This technology violates fundamental human rights, and making a Megacorp pursue its R&D will make all your companions mad at you.

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Leave Sona to Die

During the quest, In Memorium, which is Sarah Morgan's romance quest, you will find a lone child named Sona whose parents have died and left her stranded. If you decide to let Sona remain on the planet, you're guaranteeing that she will die a lonely and miserable death at the hands of the hostile creatures on the planet.

starfield worst decisions leave sona to die
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Don't Solve World Hunger

During the quest, Beer Run, in Akila City, you have the choice to influence the decision of a food manufacturing company. Either you sabotage their beer so that they focus on a formula that can solve world hunger, or you increase its contents so that it becomes even more popular.

Henry's wife asks you to sabotage the beer. However, if you tell Henry Filburn, "Sarah wants to sabotage your beer.", not only will you be sabotaging the solution to world hunger, but you'll also be ruining their marriage.

starfield evil decisions beer run quest
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Join the Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet is the designated evil faction of Starfield. Unlike Ecliptics and Spacers, they're a lot more organized and can potentially be a serious threat to the major factions.

You can join the Crimson Fleet and embark on a quest to increase their influence and take down the United Colonies SysDef section. This will result in all sorts of piracy being unleashed on the Settled Systems. Despite all of their high and mighty sounding morals, they're still murderers and criminals at heart.

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Those are some of the most evil decisions you can make in Starfield if you want to play as an evil or morally dubious character. Your companions will definitely hate all of this. Hopefully, Bethesda adds some more companions with differing moralities who might end up aiding you with these decisions.

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