Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Executive Level Walkthrough

starfield executive level quest meeting adjourned by masako

starfield executive level quest meeting adjourned by masako

Thus, we are finally at the last quest of the Starfield Ryujin Industries questline. You've made it to the top of the corporate hierarchy. You are now positioned to decide the fate of Ryujin Industries, Infinity Ltd and the future of Neuroamp technology. So, let's get to what all decisions lead to in the quest Executive Level.

Starfield Executive Level Walkthrough

Note that Ularu Chen will not be present in this quest if you killed her in any of the previous quests.

Lobby Board Members For Infinity Ltd

Masako will task you with lobbying the board members to get a 4 out of 7 majority to acquire Infinity Ltd and boost public perception for Ryujin Industries. You'll have to go around and talk to all six other board members and sway their opinions. Luckily, you'll have the use of the Manipulation skill to get any outcome you'd like.

starfield executive level acquire infinity ltd with ularu
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Lobby Board Members For Neuroamps

You also need to talk to every board member about the Neuroamp technology Masako wants to push through. You can also use your Persuasion and Manipulation skills to decide where the board stands on this issue.

starfield executive level lobby veena about neuroamps
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Attend the Meeting

Once you're done talking to everyone, go to the meeting room and sit.

starfield executive level meeting starting
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Wait for Everyone to Arrive

Wait for all members of the Ryujin Industries executive board to arrive. The meeting starts once everyone is seated.

All Meeting Outcomes

Note that these outcomes don't change any rewards you get for completing the Ryujin Industries quest. Here are all possible actions and their respective outcomes -

  • Support Masako: Ularu Chen will be exposed and removed from the Executive board.
  • Support Ularu: Ularu Chen will become the new CEO of Ryujin Industries, while Masako will be removed.
starfield executive level meeting dialogue ularu chen
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  • Acquire Infinity Ltd: Ryujin Industries will choose to acquire Infinity Ltd as one of its subsidiaries.
  • Don't Acquire Infinity Ltd: Infinity Ltd will collapse, leaving thousands jobless.
  • Ignore/Support Neuroamps: Ryujin Industries will proceed with the Neuroamp research and deployment. Companions will dislike this.
  • Oppose Neuroamp Technology: Neuroamps will be shelved until they're safe and developed enough for deployment. Companions will like this.

Talk to Masako/Ularu

After the meeting, talk with the CEO of Ryujin Industries, and you'll get a nice little promotion to the level of Senior Operator.

starfield executive level promotion from masako
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Executive Level Rewards

Here are the rewards for completing the Executive Level quest:

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits -13500
starfield executive level rewards
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That concludes the Ryujin Industries questline! Congratulations, you've successfully navigated and changed the corporate landscape of the Settled Systems!

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