Starfield Player Ends Up Marrying Both Sarah and Andreja

sarah morgan with a starfield backdrop

sarah morgan with a starfield backdrop

Romance is one of the various activities you can undertake in Starfield, Bethesda’s newest space exploration role-playing game. It even has its perks - some players discovered during early access that sleeping with your spouse can give you a 15% increase in XP for about 24 minutes.

For Starfield, Bethesda programs the game to ensure that you only have one partner to be in a relationship with. This means you can only marry one of the four companions - Sarah, Andreja, Sam, and Barrett.

The game frowns upon polygamy, which can have dire consequences like losing the main relationship. However, due to a bizarre string of actions, one Starfield player seems to have ended up being married to both of his female companions.

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Over the weekend, a Reddit user posted a thread where he admitted to cheating with Sarah while being married to Andreja. The user assumed that Andreja would end their marriage once he was prompted to speak with her by Sarah herself.

Initially expecting to have the marriage ended, the player was surprised when a simple “persuasion check” was all it took to patch up with Andreja. Now, he is stuck with having two partners and is confused about whether this was an intended feature or a bug in Starfield.

Other players expressed amusement at the player’s predicament, while one user mentioned that he tried doing the same with Andreja after being married to Sarah. However, unlike the original poster, this user did not succeed in cheating because Andreja flat-out said that she was uncomfortable with the idea.

Speaking of romance, an upcoming mod brings an interesting character into the game that you could start a romance with.

This character is Jack Sparrow, whom the mod will replace Barrett with. Be sure to check out our Barrett romance guide so you can start a relationship with the famous pirate captain in Starfield.

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