Starfield Best QOL Mods

starfield fire effect qol mod

starfield fire effect qol mod

Modding has always been a hallmark of any Bethesda game. This is especially true for Starfield, which was made and released with mod support in mind. The community has already made several improvements to Starfield in a month. So today, we'll look at Starfield's best Quality of Life mods.

Starfield QoL mods range from UI overhauls to graphical upgrades and minor things like NPC behaviour. Many address items on the list of things players hate about Starfield. So, if you're ready to experience a reimagined and way more convenient version of the game, check out our list of the best QOL mods for Starfield.

StarUI Mod

StarUI Inventory is here to give your inventory screens a major facelift! Picture this: a neat, compact display where every item detail is just a click away thanks to sortable columns. StarUI HUD gives you complete control over most HUD widgets and provides an updated loot list and better item cards with DPS and V/W listed. Resize, move, recolor or disable most of the HUD widgets. You can even customize UI elements as you desire.

starfield star UI qol mod
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Lost in a sea of items, trying to find your best weapons and spacesuits? No worries! With handy item tag icons and a super-organized category sidebar on the left, you'll find what you're looking for in no time. With many quality-of-life features added to the mix, managing your inventory has never been this smooth and enjoyable. Dive in and experience the upgrade!

Starfield Frame Generation - Replacing FSR2 with DLSS-G

This mod removes the outdated FSR2 with DLSS 3 options for graphical rendering. This means you can use the DLSS Frame Generation feature to boost your FPS in Starfield. It is one of the must-have performance-boosting mods for Starfield that's not gated by any paywall.

Undelayed Menus

We've complained about menus a lot in Starfield, and the game has a lot of them for you to sift through. However, they're not always responsive. Navigating from the inventory to the star map screens can sometimes feel unresponsive. This undelayed menus mod aims to rectify this issue and give you a smoother menu browsing experience. It removes the fading effects, increases the FPS cap to 30 and improves the exit prompt responsiveness.

Compact Crafting UI

This quality-of-life mod changes all crafting menus so more items can be seen simultaneously. Increases viewable items by 120% to let you see more space. Uncaps crafting limit, which makes the crafting XP farm easier. It provides an optional dark mode for crafting and increases your crafting limit to the maximum amount you can create with the materials.

starfield compact crafting mod
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EXE - Effect Textures Enhanced

This texture enhancement is a relatively large mod that remakes and improves a ton of visual effects in Starfield. And no, it's not just an AI upscaling. Care has been put into updating all the visual effects in Starfield to enhance your actions in every way. Some examples of cool effect upgrades include muzzle flashes, storms, gore, explosions, lasers, water effects, particle effects and water effects. It's an excellent lightweight graphical overhaul.

starfield textures update qol mod
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Starfield HD Reworked Project

If a lightweight graphical update was not good enough for you, then the Starfield HD Reworked Project might be what you're looking for. This massive mod is one of the largest available for Starfield at half a GB. It aims to overhaul and replace the in-game textures to be more detailed and realistic. This includes terrains, buildings, NPC faces and other effects such as fire and smoke, breathing life into hubs like New Atlantis and Neon City. The project is a work in progress and might become one of Starfield's most popular graphical remaster mods.

Smooth Ship Reticle (120fps Smooth UI)

If you've ever felt distracted by a choppy targeting reticle during crucial moments in space combat or any space activities, this mod is for you. This fix ensures a sleek, uninterrupted aiming experience. Plus, with an option to change up every UI element to 120fps, you can improve your overall interfacing experience.

starfield smooth reticle qol mod
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Crowd NPC Eye Ambient Occlusion Fix

The uncanny NPC phenomenon made rounds across the internet when Starfield was released. Have you noticed that eerie 'eye glow' in crowd NPCs? It's due to incomplete Ambient Occlusion (AO) maps. This mod rectifies that by updating and painting in the proper AO shading for every crowd NPC's eyes—no more strange and empty stares from glowing eyes – just more immersive and authentic visuals.

Faster Airlock and Hatch and Door Animations

Entering and exiting certain buildings can be tiresome due to how slow their airlocks/hatches operate, and it is almost as bad as waiting on a loading screen. This mod aims to fix that. It comes with various speed multipliers for you to choose from.

starfield airlock qol mod
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Clean Reflex Sight Lenses

Are you tired of the tint, dirt, and glare obstructing your view through reflex sights? This modification clears it all, providing a crystal-clear view of your adversaries. Say goodbye to unnecessary distractions and keep your focus solely on your target. Aim with increased clarity and confidence now!

starfield remove reticle dirt qol mod
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Improved Combat AI

This mod ensures NPCs are more active and smarter in their actions. Watch as they dynamically fire from cover, frequently reposition themselves, and showcase improved accuracy. Plus, the gameplay will feel more intense, with grenades becoming a central part of their strategy. And the best part? These changes apply to all NPCs, even your trusty companions. Optionally, it's also compatible with CCR support. Dive into a more realistic and challenging Starfield today!

That concludes our list of the best QOL mods in Starfield. With these mods, you might finally join the ranks of players who love Starfield and get the most overpowered weapons early.

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