Speed Runner Finishes Starfield Under an Hour



Speed runs are common in any game, and Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG is no exception. However, one such player took things to the extreme by finishing Starfield in under an hour.

Yes, that’s right. Most players take at least 12 hours to speed run a game, but one particular YouTuber, Zero Star, found some glitches in-game that allowed him to finish Starfield in less than an hour.

It’s difficult to believe, but the player took advantage of one glitch that let him boost out of bounds and skip The Artifacts entirely to get to the end of the game.

In some games, boosting out of bounds usually kills the player, as there are no environments for them to land on. In Starfield, however, boosting out of bounds in certain quest lines allowed this YouTuber to bypass several battles and encounters in the main quest line that would’ve bogged down other people who go through the regular route.

One glitch this player took advantage of was landing in a specific spot on the planet Hyla. Landing on this spot, which you must find accurately for the cheat to work, will trigger the Ancient Ruins quest even if you’re still early on in the game.

Afterwards, this player goes through the caves as normal but performs several “zips” by quickly saving on a specific angle, distance, and timing from a particular wall. These actions let him go past the wall and allow him to boost toward an elevator that bypasses many of the quest’s obstacles and saves the player plenty of time.

Ultimately, the player reaches the Starborn Hunter and Emissary, which then triggers the final quest in the game.

As you can see, many of the glitches the player took advantage of require pinpoint accuracy to work. If you’d like to speed-run Starfield like crazy, check out Zero Star’s video above.

Starfield may have glitches this early after its launch on September 6, but Bethesda is rolling out several updates that should take care of the issue. One such update, Update 1.7.33, effectively eliminated a "puddle glitch" that allowed players to gain infinite cash.

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