Xbox Players Disappointed After New Patch Removed Puddle Glitch



Bethesda released a new update to its newest space exploration open-world RPG, Starfield, yesterday. Called “Update 1.7.33,” the patch was designed to eliminate certain glitches that have caused performance problems in the initial version of the game.

However, not all the fans are happy about the update's release. For instance, the Starfield Xbox Community on Facebook has been flooded with posts from disappointed fans.

Many of these players are taking issue with the patch removing a glitch that allowed them to collect in-game cash in infinite amounts in the city of Akila.

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Credit: Screenshot/Bethesda

The glitch involves the player crouching over three puddles outside the Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City. If the player activates the first-person view and looks around, a random loot chest appears that they can collect and sell for credits.

They can repeat this process as often as they like, resulting in infinite cash. Unfortunately, this glitch, which affected both Xbox and PC users, finally disappeared after they installed the first patch.

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Credit: Facebook/Starfield Xbox Community

Angry Xbox players took to Facebook to air their grievances. Some raged that Bethesda has yet to bother to fix similar glitches in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, so there was no reason for them to fix the bug this early in Starfield.

Others are furious that they cannot play the game without installing the new update, with others claiming that these installations should be “voluntary.”

Still, others say that Bethesda should focus on the more pressing glitches that negatively affect their gaming experience.

Update 1.7.33 is only the first of many updates players should expect for Starfield. Bethesda said that there is a bigger update coming that they are still working on, which could finally include native DLSS support for Nvidia GPUs.

Stick with us for the latest on Starfield.

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