Starfield - The Den Bug

starfield major bug ship disappears

starfield major bug ship disappears

In classic Bethesda fashion, Starfield has its own array of bugs. Not to make light of bugs, but Starfield has managed to keep its bugs on the down low, and when they pop up, they're usually comical in nature rather than game-breaking. However, there is one major Starfield bug when boarding ships that could ruin your whole save file. So, let's take a look at the issue and what it has to do with the den in Starfield.

If you're going around stealing enemy ships and registering them at remote space stations, you need to watch out for this Starfield bug. Triggering it can cause assets to disappear from your save file. So, let's see what the Starfield shipboarding bug is, how to avoid it and potential solutions.

What Is The Den Station Bug?

This strange bug causes several assets, including your ship, to disappear from the game.

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Here's how it happens:

  • Board an enemy ship in space combat and take it for yourself.
  • Fly to The Den station in the Wolf system.
  • After landing, speak to the technician and swap back to your primary ship.
  • Go through the airlock back to your ship.

Instead of boarding your own ship, the game will teleport you to New Atlantis, and assets will start glitching out. Various Kiosks and terminals will disappear, and your ship will no longer be visible.

Den Station Bug Fixes

The first fix is a bit of a workaround rather than a proper solution. Talk to a technician and have them place a component on your ship. Take it for a flight test and rename it. This will reload all of your ship's assets. However, this method won't return all the now-vanished assets in the world.

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The ideal scenario is to avoid this bug altogether. A safe practice we can suggest is to set the stolen ship as your home ship and immediately return to your main ship before it can fly off. Set it as your home ship again, and now the stolen ship will fly back to home base.

That's what we know about the annoying Den Station bug, which has caused a significant headache for many Starfield players. Try your best to avoid it and keep our solution in mind if you're stuck. Hopefully, Bethesda will patch this out soon in the coming weeks.

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