Starfield FOV Slider Causes Chaos During Launch

player looks out across a vast planet
Credit: Bethesda

player looks out across a vast planet
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield launched at 00:00 UTC globally on September 1; the game has already had previous complaints regarding the locked 30 fps on Xbox Series consoles. This time, the FOV slider in Starfield seems to be the root of the unrest.

Players around the world are finally getting the chance to take their first steps into the galaxy from the comfort of their own homes. This first new IP from Bethesda in 25 years is set to be played for many years to come. Let's take a look at the Starfield FOV slider drama.

Starfield FOV Slider Problem

Having a fixed FOV slider can be a huge issue for players when it comes to enjoying their game. If the slider is set too low, it can induce motion sickness for some people. Feeling queasy isn't exactly how you want to start your quest in Starfield; let's see what is being said.

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Credit: Bethesda

Unfortunately for Starfield, the FOV slider was set in place, and PC players took to Reddit to complain about the problem:

"Dude I swear to god Bethesda needs a separate PC team to give us more options. No brightness slider is also killing me. How hard is it to ensure the game has an FOV slider?" - u/xZethx

" No fov slider - not again, ah well time to wait for modders to do what is considered standard in gaming. " - u/Mr_Zeldion

Not a great look for Bethesda's behemoth out the gate, hopefully, these problems will be smoothed out over time via patches. For now, one Reddit user has posted up a solution and is being hailed as a saviour by some.

Starfield FOV Solution

Thankfully, we have the workaround for Starfield on PC for anyone having trouble being able to play because of the FOV issue. Reddit user u/hellstorm102 posted a link to a fix for fellow players on the Starfield subreddit.

The link takes you to hellstorm102's post on Nexus Mods and reads:

Welcome Travelers!

Change Your FOV!

in your "Documents/MyGames/Starfield" create a Text file called StarfieldCustom.ini or download the provided one and place in same folder

fFPWorldFOV is for first person
fTPWorldFOV is for third person

here is 100 for both :


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Credit: Bethesda

Saving the file will set third and first-person FOV to 100; adjust your FOV by tweaking the numbers; the lower the number, the narrower the FOV, and the higher the number, the wider it will be.

Not the most ideal situation for people hoping to kick back and enjoy the game hassle-free, but a solution nonetheless for those experiencing issues with the fixed FOV slider.

Grateful Reddit users, including the OP, expressed their thanks following the solution being posted. Many can now implement the solution and enjoy their game motion sickness-free.

If you are experiencing motion sickness issues on the PC version of Starfield, try out the fix above to sort those problems out. The solution does not disable achievements for the game, so you can apply the fix without the worry of not being able to unlock those.

For console players on Xbox, there doesn't seem to be reported issues of motion sickness yet; although several critics commented on the poor performance seen from the console versions of Starfield. Should any arise, this fix will not be possible to use, unfortunately. Any problems the Xbox players encounter will need to rely on the efficiency of Bethesda pushing out new patches for Starfield.

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