Insane Unique Weapons in Starfield

Starfield has hundreds of weapons with dozens of modifiers and weapon mods available to customize them. However, some weapons are one of a kind and can only be found in specific locations, some with unique designs and traits. Today, we'll look at some of the most insane, unique weapons in Starfield that you should grab for yourself.

Insane Unique Weapons in Starfield

Unique weapons are either Rare or Legendary rarity and are considered one of a kind each comes with some unique perk that makes them different. They also tend to come with weapon mods pre-installed.

You can add more mods to suit your style, but they're generally made with a specific playstyle in mind. There are several dozen unique weapons, but today, we list the coolest unique weapons everyone should try at least once.


The Mindtear works exactly like its name suggests. The weapon is a modified version of the Magshear known for its magnetic rails and high fire rate. The Mindtear adds a chance to frenzy enemies on every hit on top of lethal uranium rounds. Safe to say, the damage is no joke, either.

The only downside of this weapon is how much ammo it consumes, which is a fair enough drawback. But if you're looking to melt enemies on all but the hardest difficulty, the Mindtear is a great place to start.

starfield best unique weapons mindtear
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Location - The Mindtear can be purchased from the Kore Kinetics headquarters in Neon City for 44047 Credits.

X-989 Microgun

The X-989 Microgun is another high-damage, high-fire rate weapon and can be considered the older brother of the powerful early-game weapon, the N67 Smartgun. The X-989 is specialized for usage against alien life, and it will rip apart even the strongest Terrormorphs in seconds. If you can shoulder the ammo costs and the demolitionist heavy-gun lifestyle, go with the X-989 Microgun.

starfield best unique weapons x-989 microgun
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Location - You can get the X-989 Microgun by talking to the Armory guard during the UC Vanguard questline quest, Hostile Intelligence.

Boom Boom

The Boom Boom is an extremely powerful shotgun. We say shotgun lightly because the range on this thing is quite insane. No joke, you can snipe targets several dozen meters away with impressive precision. The Boom Boom also comes with volatile rounds that will deal massive explosive damage, making it one of the best guns to use in Starfield.

starfield best unique weapons boom boom
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Location: You can purchase the Boom Boom from the Neon Tactical shop in Neon City for roughly 20000 Credits.

Eternity's Gate

The Eternity's Gate is a powerful weapon with a unique design. This Particle Beam Rifle comes with some decent base stats, but the modifiers on it are what make it insane. Every fourth shot fires twice, with +10% damage to humans and volatile rounds that hit even harder. Damage isn't an issue when you're consistently triggering the modifiers.

starfield best unique weapons eternity's gate
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You get the Eternity's Gate by defeating the Emissary in the quest Revelations after making the choice to side against him in the quest Unearthed.

The Last Priest

Another weapon with a design similar to the Eternity's Gate, but this time it's a melee weapon. If you enjoy Melee builds, then it doesn't get better than The Last Priest. The weapon has the highest base damage and can randomly dish out any Elemental effect.

starfield best unique weapons the last priest
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Location - You get The Last Priest by siding with the Hunter during Unearthed and completing the extra mission he provides you with.

Unmitigated Violence

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The last boss weapon on this list is here for good reason. The Unmitigated Violece, despite its simplistic design, is the best laser rifle in the game. It's also the best stealth laser weapon in the game due to its passive - Instigating, which deals double damage to full-health enemies. Enemies who survive will have to deal with its high fire rate on top of the Frenzy and Radioactive effect it can apply.

starfield best unique weapons unmitigated violence
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Location: You get the Unmitigated Violence by defeating the Hunter in the quest Revelations after you make your choice to side against him in the quest Unearthed.


Yes, another Magshear variant. Sorry, but the Magshear is simply that impressive at its base. The Revenant is the best unique rifle in Starfield, especially if you get it at higher levels.

Once again, don't let the damage numbers fool you. This thing might eat through your ammunition, but it'll also eat through your enemies. The design is pretty cool, and the bleed stacking will ensure nothing survives your onslaught of bullets.

starfield best unique weapons revenant
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Location - You can get the Revenant during the Crimson Fleet questline aboard the Legacy right next to the transfer module lock in the quest Eye of the Storm. You only get one chance to grab this weapon, so be sure to take it.


Lastly, we have another magnetic rail weapon from the Crimson Fleet. The Keelhauler is a modified MagShot pistol that is fully automatic and sports one of the highest base damage stats in the game. It has a clip size of six that it empties within 0.17ms.

Pair that with a quick reload, and within five seconds; you can empty three whole clips of this already ridiculously high-damage pistol. That's not all. It can apply Frenzy, stagger, and deal extra damage to enemies with low armor. It also sports a unique Crimson Fleet aesthetic that vastly improves over the original MagShot.

starfield best unique weapons keelhauler
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Location: You get the Keelhauler from Delgado as a reward for completing the Echoes of the Past Crimson Fleet faction quest.

That concludes our list of the best insane, unique weapons in Starfield.

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