Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - Hostile Intelligence

Starfield Hostile Intelligence aceles statue in the middle of forward base 441

Starfield Hostile Intelligence aceles statue in the middle of forward base 441

Starfield's Hostile Intelligence takes us to the site of one of galactic history's most horrific Terrormorphs outbreaks. The mission, Hostile Intelligence, takes us to the ruined city of Londinion. This is part of the UC Vanguard Questline.

Hostile Intelligence Walkthrough

Follow and Speak to Hadrian

To start with the quest, follow Hadrian after she is done meeting with Kaiser. Talk to her, and she informs you of a creature named Aceles, which helps us fight the Terrormorphs. She'll also discuss an alternate method to eliminate the Terrormorphs using specialized probes.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence Aceles in Captivity
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Your task is to recover Aceles DNA from Londinion.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence speak to hadrian about londinion
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Visit LT. Azevedo to Purchase New Gear(Optional)

Before you head out, you can talk to Azevedo, a vendor who sells two unique weapons, the Reckless Bombardment and Vampire's Gift.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence speak to lt. azedevo
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If you already have better weapons, skip the weapons and buy the aid supplies, and pick up the nearby medical supplies instead. Be sure to stock up on anti-frostbite aid, as you'll need a lot of it unless you've upgraded your spacesuit properly.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence reckless bombardment unique weapon
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Travel to Toliman II

Set out for Toliman II in the Toliman Star System under Alpha Centauri. You will be hailed by a Starship telling you access to this area is restricted.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence hailed by uc starship
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Tell them you have clearance so that you’re cleared to land. Land at Forward Base 441.

Land at Forward Base 441

Land at the command post and head deeper into Forward Base 441 in Londinion. You want to head inside the coffee shop on the right.

Speak with Commander Hatoum

After the commander briefs you, Hadrian will discuss the plan and tell you to meet up with her when you’re ready to head out.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence speak with commander hatoum about supplies
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Grab Legendary UC Armor from Armory (Optional)

Visit the armory and grab supplies from it, as mentioned by Commander Hatoum. You also have the option to skip it, but it is recommended as it will help in the fight against the Terrormorphs. Talk to the guard to get the X-989 Microgun unique heavy weapon.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence armory with loot and uc guard
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The Antixeno spacesuit available here is also one of the best and most stylish available in the game. It’s superior to the Nishina Spacesuit you get from Entangled, the Mantis Spacesuit, and even the Mark I.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence antixeno spacesuit
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Inform Hadrian that you are Ready to Go

Meet with Hadrian and the rest of the team waiting at the airlock to set out for the exploration.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence airlock hatch
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Allow Kaiser to Unlock the Airlock

Wait for Kaiser to unlock the airlock, then head inside it and use the switch to open another airlock.

Proceed to the City

Go into the city and start looking for Aceles Gene Sample. Ready your weapons, as you will face hostile creatures immediately once the doors open.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence terrormorph thrall enemies
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Clear the Processing Plant

Clear the area of enemies and then move on to the next place to start collecting Aceles Gene Samples.

Locate the Aceles Gene Samples and Defeat the Terrormorphs

There are three containers in the area from which you must collect Aceles Gene Samples. You also need to clear out the hostiles in the area to proceed. As you progress through the area, an invisible Terrormorph and an Albino Terrormorph will spawn.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence two terrormorph enemies
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You can also get the unique weapon Shattered Shock inside one of the containers suspended in the air.

Give Kaiser the Samples

Hand over the samples you have collected to Kaiser, and then Percival will tell you the location of the next batch of samples.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence sample given to kaiser
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Proceed to the Steam Tunnels

Head into the Steam Tunnels and make your way forward till you see a glass window. You will spot a plant on the other side of it. Keep watch on the plant with Hadrian as the Heatleech starts to transform into a Terrormorph.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence terrormorph on window after transforming from heatleech
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Speak to Hadrian

Discuss the implications of this discovery with Hadrian. Percival and Hadrian will tell you to track it down. You can just open the door on the right and head into the room ahead.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence hadrian talks about heatleech
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Kill the Terrormorph

Once you track down the recently transformed Terrormorph, kill it and secure a fresh sample.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence tissue sample from terrormorph
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Give Kaiser the Sample

Give the fresh sample to Kaiser, who proceeded to analyze it. Kaiser confirms that the Lazarus plant is being used for accelerated growth to cause the attacks.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence wait for kaiser to process
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Discuss the Findings with the Team

Talk with Hadrian about the recent findings and answer some of her questions. Your choice will not affect the outcome, as you will be interrupted by Percival.

Follow Kaiser

Follow Kaiser to initiate the escape plan. He tries to go and attempt the Hatch from the other but fails as there is insufficient power.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence kaiser opening the door
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Restore Power to the Spaceport Hatches

Head upstairs to the security room and restore power to the door by accessing the panel of the utility controls.

Initiate System Reboot

You need to force a system reboot to get it to work. Press the red button on the wall to force a reboot.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence system reboot button
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Collect the Recording and Speak to Hadrian

While listening to the recording’s playback. Hadrian notices that it is talking about her father, Vae Victus. The recording proves that Vae Victis learned about the accelerated Terrormorph growth and decided to kill everyone who knew the secret. Grab the recording afterward so they can analyze it back at the base.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence hadrian talking about vae victis
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You can tell Hadrian about Vae Victis being alive, but you can stay quiet or lie if you want to get quests from him.

Secure the Final Sample

The last Terrormorph is waiting for you at the far end of the Spaceport, currently hiding in the ground; you must collect the sample from it. It will show itself as you get close to it. This Terrormorph is an Anomaly as it is several times larger than regular Terrormorphs.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence final terrormorph anomaly giant terrormorph at frozen spaceport
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Furthermore, it will attempt to speak with you mentally and summon mind-controlled aliens to attack you. Kill it and secure the last sample by looting the corpse. Hand the sample over to Kaiser.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence give sample to Kaiser
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Turn on the Nearby Switches

Interact with the switches marked in the middle of the fight to free the creatures from the Terrormorph’s control. They’ll start attacking it instead and help you out.

Another tip for this fight is to plant a bunch of mines before the fight even begins and lead the Terrormorph Anomlay to it.

Return to Forward Base 441

Return to Forward Base 441 and discuss your findings with Hadrian and Percival. You get the option to tell them about Vae Victis once more. The quest, Hostile Intelligence, will be completed after the dialogue finishes. This unlocks the last quest from the UC Vanguard Questline.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence talk to Percival about what happened
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Hostile Intelligence Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 350
  • Credits - 14400

This concludes our guide for the Hostile Intelligence quest in Starfield. Next, we have the final UC Vanguard quest, where you must make one of the most important decisions in Starfield.

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