Starfield - What is the Kid Stuff Trait?

starfield kid stuff mom

starfield kid stuff mom

A rare inclusion in most RPGs is that of the player character's family. Because getting access to a character creator might make your lineage seem unlikely. However, Bethesda has done that and allowed you to have your own space parents in Starfield. You can do this and some more with the Starfield Kid Stuff Trait.

The Kids Stuff trait is one of the many traits you can create your character with. Today, we'll look at the pros and cons of the Kid Stuff trait and if it's worth getting in Starfield.

What is the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield

You can start with three traits for your character in Starfield. Check out our complete list of traits.

The Kids Stuff trait creates two characters called Mom and Dad in Starfield, found in New Atlantis. You can meet and talk with them. The Kid Stuff trait unlocks some unique dialogue related to parents that comes up when talking to children. Your parents can be friendly and occasionally give you rewards(discussed ahead).

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You will have to pay a 2% cost to keep your parents around. However, this value is capped at 500 Credits weekly, which is nothing once you start gathering Credits in Starfield. However, if this bothers you, you can always talk to your dad and remove the trait by choosing the appropriate dialogue options. Note that your parents will move away and you won't get to see them again.

Parents Location in Starfield

Your parents are located in New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri. You'll be prompted to meet them after the first mission as Noel tells you your dad dropped you a message. You must ride the NAT train to the Residential District to meet them. Find the Pioneer Tower, enter the elevator and select the Family Apartments floor. You'll meet your parents inside.

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Your parents' appearance will change depending on your choice in the character creation menu. Their appearance will change to match yours. Note that changing your appearance again won't affect theirs. Your parents will generally be quite proud of you. They will occasionally pop up in different locations, such as the Astral Lounge in Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii System.

Kid Stuff Trait Rewards in Starfield

Your parents occasionally give you rewards, with some being very good to have in the early game. Here are the gifts you get from Dad and Mom in Starfield:

  • Sir Livingstone's Pistol
  • Grandpa's Meatloaf Recipe
  • Gran-Gran's Spacesuit
  • Gran-Gran's Helmet
  • Wanderwall ship

You can also find a High School Backpack in your childhood bedroom, which gives you extra weight capacity. The childhood bedroom also doubles as a pseudo-home in Starfield. However, there are better homes in Starfield.

starfield kid stuff reward wanderwell
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These rewards are all pretty lucrative, especially in the early game where the pistol, Spacesuit and the ship are all above the quality of the ships and gear you'll run into in the early game. That is unless you grab the Mantis Ship or the best early weapons and spacesuits.

Is the Kid Stuff Trait Worth it?

Yes, the Kid Stuff trait is one worth having. This trait is unique and gives you some unique and powerful rewards that are helpful in the early game. The cost to upkeep your parent's home is capped at 500 Credits, which is incredibly manageable. You also get many dialogue options to get some funny interactions in Starfield. Overall, it's a pretty immersive trait with some of the most unique effects on your Starfield experience.

That's everything you need to know about the Kid Stuff trait in Starfield and the pros and cons of keeping it. If you're interested in more guides, learn about the multiple endings and how to build outposts on water.

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