The sole moon of the Earth, Luna. Humanity's first steps into space were taken here. One small step for man on Luna was one giant leap for mankind.

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sp Luna moons Image
  • Star SystemSol
  • TypeBarren
  • Gravity0.17 g
  • AtmosphereNone
  • PlanetEarth
  • MagnetosphereNone
  • TemperatureTemperate
  • Resources
  • FaunaNone
  • WaterNone
  • FloraNone

Where is Luna?

The moon is located in the Sol system as a satellite around the Earth.

What can you find on Luna?

You can find two resources, Helium-3(He3) and Iron(Fe), on Luna quite easily.

Is there life on Luna?

Luna has no atmosphere and no water hence there is no flora or fauna located here. Humanity has long abandoned the Earth and its moon.

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