Starfield Find The Mars Rover

starfield mars rover opportunity

starfield mars rover opportunity

The Opportunity Rover is one of the most ambitious and iconic space programs launched by humanity and the real-life NASA. This project gave us glimpses and direct footage from Mars. It's great to see Bethesda include such memorable easter eggs in Starfield. So today, we'll see how to find the Mars Rover in Starfield.

Finding the rover completes an activity and provides you with one of the game's many snow globe rewards that are just a joy to hunt down and collect. So, let's see what you need to do to track down the Opportunity Rover on Mars in Starfield.

What is the Opportunity Rover?

The Opportunity rover, also known as Mars Exploration Rover-B (MER-B), was one of two rovers launched to Mars in 2003, with its twin, Spirit, preceding it. Landing on January 25, 2004, its primary mission was to investigate Martian rocks and soils for signs of past water activity. Over its 14-year tenure, far surpassing its initial 90-day plan, Opportunity traveled over 28 miles and provided compelling evidence of water once flowing on Mars, discovering minerals like hematite and gypsum.

opportunity rover on the ground on mars
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The rover's remarkable journey concluded after a massive dust storm in 2018 impaired its solar batteries. Despite numerous attempts to reestablish contact, NASA officially declared the end of Opportunity's mission on February 13, 2019. Bethesda did their due diligence and gave this little rover and the team behind it a small but honorable easter egg for players worldwide to discover.

How do you find the Opportunity Rover on Mars?

There are two ways to find the Opportunity Rover; both can be pretty time-consuming, depending on how you go about it.

Learn Opportunity Rover Location From Earth

During the main mission quest, Unearthed, you can visit the NASA base on Earth in the Sol system. Over here, you can interact with one of the terminals to gain information on the Opportunity Rover on Mars.

Once you interact with the terminal, an activity will be added to your list of missions. If you select this activity, you'll get a waypoint showing you the exact location and landing spot to find the Opportunity Rover on Mars.

Find it Manually From the Map

You can actually stumble upon the Opportunity Rover on the surface of Mars without collecting the information on it. Here's the general location for the Mars Rover.

starfield mars rover opportunity location
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However, we do not recommend this method, as finding it without a marker can take a long time.

Opportunity Rover Reward

The reward for finding the Opportunity Rover on Mars is a nifty little snow globe that you'll find on the back of the Rover.

starfield opportunity mars rover snowglobe
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This is meant to be a collectible to reward players who've gone out of their way to hunt down the little activities and easter eggs left by Bethesda. You can leave it around your ship or home to lighten the mood!

That's everything you need to know about finding the Mars Rover Opportunity in Starfield. You should also learn how to find the Apollo module and our complete list of easter eggs.

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