Starfield UC Vanguard Questline - Supra Et Ultra

starfield supra et ultra united colonies vanguard lobby

starfield supra et ultra united colonies vanguard lobby

The UC Vanguard questline is one of Starfield's earliest available faction quests. You can join them and start your path to official citizenship within the United Colonies. Let's take a look at how you can join the UC Vanguard and pass their test with flying colors in the quest Supra Et Ultra.

Supra Et Ultra Walkthrough

How to Unlock

Once you land at New Atlantis, Jemison, after the quest, One Small Step, you'll accompany Sarah Morgan to the MAST Building. Here, you talk to Commander John Tuala, who offers you a chance to join the UC Vanguard. You can accept his offer or turn it down and return later.

starfield supra et ultra speak to john tuala
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Speak to John Tuala

Talk to Commander John Tuala and accept his proposal to join the UC Vanguard. He'll instruct you to clear an exam in the Vanguard Test Center.

starfield supra et ultra take the lift
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Register for the Vanguard

You can head down to the Vanguard Registration hall and interact with a terminal to sign up for the UC Vanguard exam.

starfield supra et ultra register for the UC Vanguard
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Check Out the Displays (Optional)

On the way, you can interact with the various displays to learn the history of the United Colonies and their entanglements with the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun during the Colony Wars. Doing so will get John Tuala to commend you for it by the end of the exam.

starfield supra et ultra UC Museum displays colony wars
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Proceed to the Vanguard Exam

Go through the hall and into the Vanguard Exam room. You'll see multiple ship simulators in the large room. You'll also find a Skill Mag in one of the rooms on the right on the upper floor.

Enter the Piloting Simulator

Enter the Piloting Simulator and take your seat to begin the simulation test.

starfield supra et ultra take seat for flight test
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Finish up to Tier III of the Piloting Simulator

To pass the UC Vanguard exam, you need to make it through three waves of the Piloting Simulator. You'll be assigned a UC ship. Check out our space combat guide for a refresher on the basics.

starfield supra et ultra exam passed at wave 3
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Once you complete wave three, you can exit the simulation. However, the waves go up to wave 6, and each wave you clear will net you additional credits as the quest reward.

Tips and Tricks

While most players might be able to make it to wave 3, the ones above that can feel impossibly difficult. You'll have to use a bit of an intended exploit to have any chance of clearing them. Here's what you can do:

  • Leave the pilot's seat after clearing a wave while the enemies are on cooldown.
  • Interact with the debug panel in the back for some ship upgrades.
  • If you have the Security skill at rank 1, you can hack the debug tool and give yourself permanent buffs.
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starfield supra et ultra debug tool
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  • You can also spawn in ally ships once you hack the debug tool.
  • The final wave is difficult, even with the buffs. Be sure to focus on quickly taking down enemies rather than trying to avoid them or taking your time with them.

Speak to Commander Tuala

After the exam, return to Commander Tuala in the MAST building lobby, where he will review your behavior and performance. Tell him you're ready to join the Vanguard.

starfield supra et ultra talk to john tuala
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Follow Commander Tuala

Follow him to the fountain outside, where he'll have you read and agree to the UC Vanguard oath. You can still back out here if you'd like.

starfield supra et ultra swear the UC Vanguard oath dialogue
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Once you're sworn in, he'll give you your first assignment.

Supra Et Ultra Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 275
  • Credits - 4800-15000

That concludes our first quest for the Starfield United Colonies Vanguard. Next up, we have your first assignment in Grunt Work.

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