The Terrormorph of Kreet and Project Petshop

starfield terrormorph of kreet standing on two legs with arms raised in yellow lighting outside door

starfield terrormorph of kreet standing on two legs with arms raised in yellow lighting outside door

Kreet is one of the first moons you head to when you start Starfield in the quest, One Small Step. Our job there is to talk to the Crimson Fleet pirates. However, there is more than meets the eye in this research facility, as all the researchers seem to have been viciously killed by some ferocious creature. Today, we look at what these researchers worked on with Project Petshop and how a Terrormorph broke free in the Kreet Research Lab.

What was Project Petshop?

Project Petshop was a highly classified United Colonies research project that aimed to give them mastery over Xenowarfare. Essentially, they developed Neural Chip Implants that would allow soldiers to synchronize with alien creatures and give them commands in combat. This technology was used extensively during the Colony War and resulted in the massacre of Freestar Collective soldiers and civilians on Lunara in 2308.

starfield specimen in glass tank
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There was also a second phase of Project Petshop, which aimed to genetically alter and enhance these aliens to become even more lethal or fill specialized roles in warfare. The primary location for this research ended up being the Kreet Research Lab.

History of Kreet Research Lab

The Xenowarfare division at the Kreet Research Lab started at an undisclosed location where aliens were delivered for testing and assimilation with the NCI. Ultimately, the most compatible creature they found was the Kreet Stalker.

starfield relocationt to kreet
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They were then relocated to the Kreet Research Lab, where their tests got even more funding. They conducted unethical and dangerous experiments on alien creatures in hopes of taming them and worked in collaboration with the Red Devils of Mars. The chief behind this project was a man too ambitious for his good and too drunk on the potential to think of the consequences, Hayden Wynn, the Senior Xenobiologist.

starfield kreet stalker
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Over here, they conducted tests that showed around 95-98% subservience from the Kreet Stalkers. Eventually, they got their hands on an alpha predator, the Terrormorph.

starfield terrormorph specimen email
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Kreet Research Lab Terrormorph Massacre

Terrormorphs are known to be dangerous predators with an unknown origin that we only discover through the UC Vanguard questline in the quest, Hostile Intelligence.

Regardless, these creatures are extremely dangerous and capable of advanced mental warfare. It was one of these Terrormorphs that Hayden Wynn sought to control with his NCI.

starfield nci fitting plan
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At the time of sedation and insertion, the Terrormorph grew incredibly aggressive and quickly broke out of its confines. You can see the shattered cage for the beast in the image below.

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starfield terrormorph cell
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What followed was a massacre as the Terrormorph made its way through the facility and killed everyone on the outpost, including the security division. We can see claw marks and corpses strewn about the facility, and most of these researchers probably had no time to react before the Terrormorph annihilated them.

Hayden Wynn was probably the last to go, and his corpse can be found in his office despite the fact that the Terrormorph went deep into the facility. This implies it systematically hunted down every living thing in the research facility.

Where to Find the Kreet Terrormorph?

Interestingly enough, you can actually find the Terrormorph responsible for the massacre at the Kreet Research Lab roaming the surface of Kreet. You will generally run into it at the first point of interest you reach on Kreet. This will generally lead you to an outpost where it has massacred Spacers or House Va'ruun operatives.

starfield terrormorph of kreet with low health roaring outside door
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The Terrormorph has become the Alpha Predator on this moon, and not even the Kreet Stalkers can stop it. It's a level 10 Terrormorph but can still be incredibly dangerous. I let Andreja, equipped with a pretty strong coachman, attempt a 1v1 with the Terrormorph, as I was a bit too over-levelled for this encounter. Surprisingly enough, the Terrormorph came out victorious.

starfield terrormorph vs andreja with terrormorph winning
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This shows that these creatures are incredibly dangerous to practically any NPC or companion, no matter what stage of the game you're at. Ultimately, this incident serves as a reminder to the United Colonies and their overly ambitious scientists to keep in mind the existence of consequences rather than try to sweep all their past misdeeds under the rug. The same can be said for their failure at The Key, which led to the birth of The Crimson Fleet.

Starfield has many interesting locations similar to this Kreet Research Lab, where mysterious and horrifying stories occur. After all, space is an excellent setting for cosmic horrors and unknown creatures and phenomena to overwhelm humans. We'll be sure to cover them all.

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