Starfield - Red Mile

starfield red mile club front

starfield red mile club front

Starfield has many planets and locations for you to visit, with many of them holding unique points of interest. One such location is the Red Mile Club, where you can gamble for Credits or complete the Red Mile Run for a bunch of rewards. We've got you covered if you need help getting there or with the Red Mile Run.

You'll run into the Red Mile while doing a quest for the United Colonies Vanguard. Keep reading if you're stuck here or need help finding the club. The Red Mile Run might seem challenging, but it's quite straightforward once you know what to do.

Where is the Red Mile?

The Red Mile Club is located on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima Star System. This Star System becomes available to you once you complete the first story mission with VASCO and become acquainted with Constellation members such as Sarah Morgan.

starfield red mile location on porimma III
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If you don't know how to space travel, you need to open your Starmap and head over to the Porima Star System. Once you're here, you need to locate Porima III. Scan the planet and land on the Red Mile Spaceport.

starfield red mile club casino and entrance to red mile run challenge
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Wear a spacesuit and head inside the Red Mile Casino. Once inside, look for Mei Devine, who can be found leaning on a railing on the right side of the room. Talking to her will initiate the Red Mile Run.

starfield red mile casino mei devine
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How to Run the Red Mile?

Before you start the run, ensure you're equipped with the best guns and have your healing resources ready. Some workbenches are available for crafting and modifications, so be sure to use them.

The Red Mile Run involves completing a lap across the course that has been prepared for you within a given time limit. The course starts with a snowy mountain region you must run across until you end up at an industrial tower. Climb up this tower and press the red button at the end.

starfield red mile run beacon
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After pressing the button, return to the start of the Red Mile Run and talk to Mei Devine for your rewards. Some handy tips - boost down instead of using the elevator and stick to the left on both sides of the run.

starfield red mile run terrain
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However, the track will be crawling with Red Mile Maulers. These tough enemies will spew poison from afar, hit hard from close and have a lot of HP. They will try to overwhelm you with numbers, so you must be careful.

Thankfully, you're not required to kill them all, so we suggest ignoring them where possible. Use the Boost Assault Training to fly over them. The hordes will multiply on the way back, so we suggest ignoring them completely and flying over them. Use the scanner to identify them and pick a path that avoids them.

starfiel red mile mauler
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The aid item Runner's Rush is also excellent here as it increases movement speed, O2 recovery, and damage resistance. You can buy it from the bartender in the Casino.

starfield runner's rush drink
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Red Mile Run Rewards

The first time you clear the Red Mile Run, you receive 3300 Credits. You will also receive the unique shotgun Brute Force alongside its corresponding ammo. This isn't all, however. Completing the Red Mile Run 28 times makes you the new high-score record holder and unlocks a unique new reward. You will receive the rifle Desperation and a Mounted Red Mile Apex that can be put on your outposts as a trophy.

That's all you need to know about the Red Mile Club and how to complete the Red Mile Run. Also, learn how to complete the Mantis puzzle and solve the junction box puzzle.

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