Starfield - Is Dream Home Worth It?

starfield dream home view from above

starfield dream home view from above

If you want to invest some time into your Starfield world, you will want a permanent place to stay. A base of operations is a must-have for any accomplished spacefarers. A place to decorate, relax, store your items and prepare for any upcoming quest or adventure is a must. This is where the Dream Home trait comes in.

The Dream Home trait is one of the few starting traits you can get. It allows you access to a home, eventually. However, we will give you a rundown on how the Dream Home trait works and if Dream Home is worth it in Starfield.

What is the Dream Home Trait?

You can start with three traits for your character in Starfield. Check out our complete list of traits.

The Dream Home trait lets you purchase an exclusive house when you start the game. While this might seem like a very tempting offer to sacrifice one of your starting trait slots at first, if you check our list of Starfield homes, you'll see that the Dream Home ranks right at the top.

starfield dream home kitchen
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Where is the Dream Home?

The Dream Home is a marked landing spot on Nesoi in the Olympus Star System. Once you Grav Jump to Olympus, navigate to Nesoi, and you'll see a landing spot titled [Your Name]'s Home. You can land here and walk up to your soon-to-be new home. The convenience of the Dream Home being next to the landing pad makes it a lot easier to access than any other home in Starfield.

starfield dream home entrance stairs
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You can access the dream home when you complete the first story quest in Starfield, One Small Step. First, you have to talk to the Galbank merchant in New Atlantis. After this, you must Grav Jump to the Olympus Star System and land on Nesoi.

Is the Dream Home Trait Worth it?

The Dream Home is worth getting unless another trait seems more tempting for your roleplay experience. Most Starfield traits come with a benefit and a drawback. The Dream Home trait has no active drawbacks besides a mortgage you can eventually pay off.

The Dream Home is worth purchasing because it's the most spacious house available in Starfield. This mansion has two floors and a wide open living space perfect for all your housing activities. A dedicated kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lovely little terrace on the floor above with a nice view.

starfield dream home balcony
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If you're not in a pressing need for any of the other traits and would love to have the best house in Starfield, grabbing the Dream Home Trait is a no-brainer. The only other house close to the price-to-value ratio is the apartment you get from completing the UC Vanguard questline.

What Can You Do In the Dream Home?

If you're wondering what the purpose of getting a house in Starfield is, then here are some things you can use the Dream Home for:

  • Setting up all your crafting stations, research stations, and workbenches in a single hideout for convenience.
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  • Setting up storage crates for all your excess loot you don't want to get rid of.
  • Setting up decoration displays and trophy displays for all your prized possessions.
  • Having a safe space to relax and getting an XP bonus after a long day of adventuring.
  • Have fun decorating your Dream Home to look like... well, your Dream Home.
starfield dream home workstations
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How to Buy the Dream Home?

The Dream Home costs 120,000 Credits that must be paid in full at the Galbank HQ in New Atlantis. You can also close the mortgage and opt out of the purchase altogether. However, there's no rush to buy the house immediately.

starfield galbank
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The amount can seem overwhelming for a new player, but if you know how to use our credit farming tricks or the infinite credit glitches, you'll be able to pay off the mortgage quickly.

Alternatively, you can rent the Dream Home every week rather than paying the mortgage in full. For 500 Credits, you can access the Dream Home for a week. The amount is deducted when you enter the property, and you won't get charged randomly. Every time you try to enter, you'll get a prompt that says you still need to pay the rent.

That concludes our Starfield Dream Home Trait guide and if it's right for you. Also, check our guides on the FOV solution for PC and how invisible walls work.

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