Starfield Distilling Confidence Walkthrough

starfield distilling confidence new atlantis spaceport

starfield distilling confidence new atlantis spaceport

Nyssa had her booze ingredients inadvertently seized by the UC Security at the Spaceport and needs your help getting it back.

How to Unlock Distilling Confidence

To start the Distilling Confidence quest, you first must go to The Viewport at the New Atlantis Spaceport. Land at the Spaceport and make your way towards the city. Once you walk up the slope, you'll see the UC Security office to the right and The Viewport to the Left.

starfield distilling confidence the viewport
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Head inside and talk to Nyssa Marcano, who will be working at the counter at the bar. Choose the business is booming dialogue option, and you can start the Distilling Confidence quest for her.

starfield distilling confidence business is booming dialogue option with nyssa
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Accepting this quest will be disliked by morally good companions such as Sarah Morgan. We suggest removing them from your party before starting here.

Distilling Confidence Walkthrough

Access Secure Storage

Your task is to enter the secure storage at the New Atlantis Spaceport. However, this requires access to a UC Security Keycard. There are four methods that you can use to access the secure storage.

starfield distilling confidence persuade the guard
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  • Hack into the Novice difficulty terminal next to the door. Anybody can do this as long as you have a digipick. Make sure nobody catches you picking the lock.
starfield distilling confidence hack the terminal
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  • Steal the UC Security Keycard from the UC Security Office. The UC Security Office is opposite The Viewport, and you can steal a UC Security Card from the locker room in the back.
  • Call in a favor with Sergeant Yumi. Sergeant Yumi is found at the counter of the UC Security Office, and if you've helped him with the security missions in New Atlantis or completed the UC Vanguard questline, you can just ask him for a keycard.
starfield distilling confidence call in a favor from sergeant yumi
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It's also possible to use the first two methods together for extra XP points.

Retrieve Nyssa's Package

Once you access the secure storage, just stroll inside and grab Nyssa's Package from the Cargo Container inside. If you look around, you can also find some expensive Contraband lying around. Feel free to grab this and sell it to the Trade Authority in the New Atlantis Well for some quick Credits.

starfield distilling confidence nyssa's package inside container
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Speak to Nyssa Marcano

Return to Nyssa Marcano and give her the package. She'll be very thankful and give you a sample of her new drink, Supernova, as a show of thanks, alongside some XP and Credits.

starfield distilling confidence return package to nyssa
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Distilling Confidence Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Supernova
starfield distilling confidence rewards
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That concludes our guide for the Distilling Confidence quest in Starfield. For more adventures in New Atlantis, you should try exploring The Well after the quest Primary Sources.

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