Starfield - Bounty The Vulture Walkthrough

starfield bounty the vulture
Credit: Bethesda

starfield bounty the vulture
Credit: Bethesda

The Vulture is another Starfield bounty story mission on the Trackers Alliance Mission Board. However, it is paid DLC, so you must purchase it via the Creations menu before playing.

Once you own the content and have completed Bounty: The Starjacker, head to the Trackers Alliance HQ in Akila and accept The Vulture's bounty from the board in the main room.

Accepting the bounty will activate the mission Bounty: The Vulture and a recording will tell you the last known coordinates of the bounty were on Sumati.

Investigate the Missing Agents Last Known Position

Sumati military outpost starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

To begin your hunt, you will be given the coordinates of the last Freestar agent to pursue The Vulture. Head back to your ship and depart Akila, set a course for Narion, and travel to the planet Sumati in the system.

The objective marker will highlight a Military Outpost location; select it and land there.

After landing, exit your ship and head towards the objective marker at the outpost ahead. It will take you to a square area with a man sitting at a table in the middle while music plays.

Sit at the Table

Freestar scout at the table starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Sit on the stool opposite the Freestar Scout; he will tell you you are in hot water by coming to the planet. Next, you must pick from one of the following dialogue options.

  • I'm a tracker, I have a bounty on a mercenary going by "The Vulture"
  • [Remain Silent]
  • Let me guess, this is a set up

The Freestar Scout will tell you that The Vulture likely has his sights set on you both and is about to tell you where he thinks he is positioned when he is shot dead, and The Vulture introduces himself via the portable radio.

You will now be able to pick from the following.

  • [Freestar Ranger] Paxton had it coming
  • Show yourself now and I can bring you in alive. No need for more bloodshed
  • [Remain Silent]
  • [Freestar Ranger] You're a member of The First?

After the call ends, The Vulture wishes you happy hunting. Be on your toes, though; company is here.

Eliminate the Ambushers

ambush in starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Be prepared for a fight from all sides here. Use cover to your advantage and watch your six. Take out the ambushers and loot the bodies for supplies and the orders needed to continue the mission.

Read the Operation Orders

read the orders starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Open your Inventory, then Notes, and select Operation Orders to read them.

It turns out it was a set up all along, as The Vulture knew you were coming. The instructions tell the men to return to the north cave outpost and await orders.

Infiltrate the Mercenary Cave Hideout

Mercenary cave location starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Now that you know the mercenaries' location, head north of the outpost to the Mercenary Cave Hideout. You will come across more mercenaries along the way, so be prepared to fight before you head up the hills.

As you approach the cave, be sure to stop and look around. Several enemies are positioned around the entrance. Take them out before you head inside. Once the area is clear, proceed inside the Fortified Cave.

Search the Mercenary Cave Hideout for Information

Mercenary cave location starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Head deeper into the cave towards the marker, but be aware that Vulture Mercenaries are around every corner. Stop to heal if you find yourself low on health before proceeding. When the tunnel splits, take either path; the left gives you a slight advantage as you approach from above.

When you get to the open area and prepare for a battle, there are several mercs and a Model A Brute to contend with. Once you make swift work of the robot and his friends, take time to follow both paths that split from the start, as there are a couple of audio logs to be found with more info on The Vulture.

To the left of the marker, there is a storage crate, which you may want to loot, along with some scattered items that you can collect if you wish.

Once you have taken all the items around the cave that you desire, head to the marker and use the computer there.

Open the Operator Records folder and read the file Paxton's Vulture to continue the quest. You can also read the other files on the computer before leaving.

Head back outside the cave and return to your ship. You will have a choice to do things through the Trackers or by using your Crimson Fleet ties should you have sided with them. From here, take off from Sumati and head to either Trackers HQ or The Key.

Inquire About Cephas Hughes at Trackers HQ

Guide pending as we went the Crimson Fleet route the first time around.

(Crimson Fleet) Talk to Robert Torres at the Key

robert torres starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Dock at the Key, head to Reckoner's Core, and then to The Last Nova bar at the back.

Take a left as you enter, and Robert will be standing near the back.

Talk with Torres, and pick one of the following dialogue options when prompted.

  • Got a lead that you've been dealing guns to a mercenary, goes by "Vulture"
  • Where the hell were you when SysDef had us backed in a corner?
  • Are you always this...eccentric?

Choose—Got a lead that you've been dealing guns to a mercenary, goes by "Vulture" to continue the conversation, giving you the next set of dialogue options.

  • I'm out for his head. Wanted to know if you were willing to lend a hand for some extra credits
  • Where are you sourcing the weapons you deal?
  • Does Delgado know you're trading weapons outside the Fleet?

Choose the top option, and Torres will offer to help you for free. He also has a plan to draw him out by taking a hostage.

When ready, select - Yeah, I'm ready to go.

Meet Torres Outside of Kelly Hughes Ranch

kelly hughes ranch starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Montara Luna is in the Nirvana system, so make a grav jump there and land at the location Kelly Hughes ranch. Torres and his crew will be standing near where your ship touches down, so head over and talk to him.

Take Kelly Hughes Hostage

kelly hughes starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Walk down towards the ranch and speak to Kelly. You will have to pick from the following.

  • [Persuade] Your brother just got caught up in some bad business. Come along quietly and we'll resolve this real quick
  • [Persuade] [Remain Silent]
  • (Show Ranger Badge) I have a warrant for the arrest of your brother ma'am. You're being detained until we sort this out
  • [Attack] I didn't come here to chat, you're coming with us

Once you have made your choices, Kelly will come with you.

Draw out The Vulture

Speak with Torres again, who should be standing just behind where you spoke with Kelly. If you manage to talk her down, he will say he is impressed (showing her the Ranger badge worked for us). The conversation options are as follows.

  • We got our hostage, now let's figure out how to draw Cephas out
  • What's the story between you and Jimmy?
  • You really think this was a good idea?

After this, Cephas, who has been tracking you the whole time, will appear and give you these choices.

[Persuade] I'd say I have the upper hand here Cephas. Let's talk this through

[Persuade] [Remain Silent]

[Attack] Finally, you've been a real pain in my ass. Let's end this

The persuasion check here seems to automatically stick and refuse to succeed even when using auto, so it is either glitched or the intended outcome to fight after this section.

Neutralize the Vulture

The vulture neutralized starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

It's not the hardest fight. Head around the back of the ranch and blast away quickly to take Cephas down.

When he is on the ground, you can pick from the following.

  • [Persuade] There's still a chance to come quietly, Cephas. I'm only interested in the bounty
  • [Freestar Ranger] Well, this is deja vu
  • I understand The Battle of Niira took a toll on you. I can get you help
  • [Persuade] [Remain Silent]
  • [Attack] I've had enough of this, I'm putting you down old man

Talk him into coming in quietly, or finish off the old man; either way, congratulations, the mission is complete, and you will receive your rewards.


Arboron Novastrike Sniper

Vulture Dustwear

Vulture Veteran Duelwear





That concludes The Vulture Tracker Alliance mission. Stay with us here at Starfield Portal for all your guides, walkthroughs, and news on all things Bethesda and Starfield.

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