Starfield Keeping The Peace - How To Unlock

starfield keeping the peace galbank station with package

starfield keeping the peace galbank station with package

If you've enjoyed the benefits that come with hanging around the metropolis known as New Atlantis, maybe you'd like to help around in Keeping The Peace. Join Sergeant Yumi in the New Atlantis Security questline.

How to Unlock Keeping The Peace?

You can unlock the quest, Keeping the Peace, by unlocking the Activity. "Talk to Sergeant Yumi". You unlock this activity after overhearing some UC Security Guards inside the UC Vanguard HQ who mention that he's looking for someone to help. There's also a poster outside the UC Security Office that mentions he's looking for recruits. You can find it on the right as you walk towards the NAT from the New Atlantis Spaceport.

Keeping The Peace Walkthrough

Go to the New Atlantis UC Security Office

As mentioned earlier, make your way forward from the New Atlantis Spaceport. Take the left fork, and the first door to your right will be the UC Security Office.

Speak to Sergeant Yumi

Head inside and speak to Sergeant Yumi, who will treat you quite differently if you've made progress in the UC Vanguard questline. In fact, most characters in this quest line will treat you with a lot more respect.

starfield keeping the peace speak to yumi
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Go to the MAST Building

Head over to the MAST District and enter the elevator to the main tower. Select the Defense Research / Health and Human Services / Aegis division of MAST.

Speak to Agent Plato

Head inside, and you will see a room to the left. Speak to Agent Plato inside, who is a part of the secret services for the United Colonies. He's essentially a member of the covert operations and intelligence team.

starfield keeping the peace agent plato
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His task for you involves collecting a package and delivering it to Sergeant Yumi. Pretty straightforward.

Collect Agent Plato's Package

Head back to the Spaceport area of New Atlantis and make your way to the Galbank Terminal, where the package is located. Agent Plato's Package will be strapped to the underside of a bench. You might want to crouch here to collect it easily.

starfield keeping the peace agent plato's package
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Deliver Agent Plato's Package to Sergeant Yumi

Return to Sergeant Yumi at the UC Security Office and hand the package over to him. This will complete the relatively simple first fetch quest. You can return after a day or two to Sergeant Yumi for the next quest.

starfield keeping the peace deliver package to yumi
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Keeping the Peace Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 100
  • Credits - Leveled amount
starfield keeping the peace rewards
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That concludes the first quest for the New Atlantis Security. Next up we have a lover's quarrel in the quest A Break At Dawn.

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