Charybdis III

Charybdis III is a planet in the Settled Systems region of the galaxy in Starfield.

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sp Placeholder ImageCharybdis III
  • FloraUnknown
  • TypeRock
  • GravityUnknown G
  • AtmosphereO2
  • FaunaUnknown
  • SystemCharybdis System

Is Charybdis III Habitable?

Yes, Charybis III is habitable and is home to plenty of Flora and Fauna. It's also the chosen location for Operation Starseed.

Where is Charybdis III?

Charybdis III is located in the Settled Systems region of the galaxy in Starfield. It is the third planet in the Charybdis system.

What is on Charybdis III?

Charybdis III has the following local curiosities for a 100% survey.

  • 8 Fauna
  • 3 Flora
  • 5 Resources
  • 3 Traits

If you're struggling with the last Fauna, we suggest saving and reloading your game. The Ghost Grazer creatures are aerial and not seaborne. Saving and reloading will make them visible and scannable.

Charybdis III is also home to the Crucible, where Operation Starseed takes place.

Which Star System is Charybdis III in?

Charybdis Star system

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