Starfield - The Almagest

starfield almagest safe

starfield almagest safe

There are lots of side quests in Starfield that stand out on their own merit. You might've run into events like the Mantis quest or even the Red Mile Run quest. One similar event occurs at the Almagest casino. Learn how to hit the jackpot at the Almagest casino.

The Almagest is an abandoned casino overrun by spacers trying to loot the place. While going through this casino, you'll run into several locked doors and safes. One such safe hides the Almagest casino jackpot. We'll cover how to find it and the Almagest casino safe code.

Almagest Casino Location

The Almagest is a space casino orbiting the planet of Nesoi in the Olympus Star System. The Olympus Star System is located in a central region of the star map and is just a bit to the right of Alpha Centauri.

starfield almagest casino location in space
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Once you're in the Olympus system and in the surrounding space of Nesoi, locate the orbiting Almagest casino and scan it. After this, you can dock at the Almagest casino and enter.

Almagest Casino Jackpot Safe and Code

The Almagest casino has been abandoned by its staff, and when you reach it, it will be overrun by spacers. However, the casino has no gravity, so manoeuvring is easy, and you get to enjoy some 0 G combat. After you're done ragdolling the spacers with the best guns and spacesuits equipped, from the main chamber, head to the left chamber with the giant vault door. Proceed to the top floor until you come upon the Manager's Computer.

Grab the Nova Galactic Manual 10 just next to the computer. The computer contains the jackpot combination for the casino.

  • 12, 19, 36, 5

You can head back down and locate a vent near the big safe door. It's a small opening on the bottom right. Head inside, and you'll gain access to the Jackpot Backend terminal.

starfield jackpot backend terminal
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Input the code you found, and you'll gain access to the 3600 Credits reward inside. There are also many contraband items behind the terminal for those interested in smuggling.

That's all you need to know about the Almagest Casino and the Almagest Casino jackpot safe code. Also, check out the answers to Lou's questions and the tapping the grid puzzle solution.

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