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A screenshot from the teaser trailer of Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

A screenshot from the teaser trailer of Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

When playing Starfield, you'll learn more about the Settled Systems as you venture further into the game. Starfield consists of a vast universe packed with a lot of world-building and lore you'll want to immerse in. This includes factions, and we'll learn more about the Starfield faction Spacers in our guide below.

As part of a faction in Starfield, you can choose your alliances and complete missions for the faction you join. However, note that whatever group you align yourself with may also hinder you from opportunities available in other factions, so choose wisely.

What is the Spacers faction?

Spacers are not a full-fledged faction that has collectivized under a single banner or body. Spacer is a term used for individuals and groups who have been on the fringes of space for too long and now engage in routine banditry. It's a colloquial term for those too violent to integrate into normal society. These bandits can be found all over the Settled Systems and show no mercy to those unfortunate enough to run into them.

A screenshot from the gameplay trailer of Starfield.
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Credit: Bethesda

Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Designer for Starfield, refers to the Spacers as a wide range of individuals and smaller gangs, with some being your enemies while others could be simple NPCs.

History of the Spacers

There is no clear-cut history or origin for the Spacers in Starfield. However, the name comes from the fact that these individuals prefer to inhabit the fringes of space rather than participate in society and civilization.

Player uses anti grav field on enemies
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Credit: Bethesda

Presumably, space travel has driven them mad to the point where they've lost their sense of reasoning and now only care for their survival through whatever means necessary.

Location of the Spacers

Spacers can be found throughout the Settled Systems, especially in areas not patrolled by any major faction. You'll usually find them in abandoned settlements like the Staryard near the moon and the Almagest casino. Spacers aren't organized enough to occupy entire planets.

An asteroid field around a planet
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Credit: Bethesda

However, they'll be found lounging in abandoned outposts and mines, scrounging for loot. It's a very rare occurrence for a Spacer group to become large enough to threaten an entire planet or system.

Known members

There are no known members for Spacers. However, you'll run into several types of Spacers.

  • Spacer
  • Spacer Punk
  • Spacer Scum
  • Spacer Troublemaker
  • Violent Spacers

Some Spacer groups have become large and organized enough to have fleets and ships. Here are the types of Spacer ships you'll run into in Starfield.

Class A

  • Spacer Raccoon
  • Spacer Raccoon II
  • Spacer Raccoon III
  • Spacer Raven
  • Spacer Raven II
  • Spacer Raven III
  • Spacer Scarab
  • Spacer Scarab II
  • Spacer Scarab III

Class B

  • Spacer Coyote
  • Spacer Coyote II
  • Spacer Coyote III
  • Spacer Jackal
  • Spacer Jackal II
  • Spacer Jackal III
  • Spacer Vulture
  • Spacer Vulture II
  • Spacer Vulture III

Class C

  • Spacer Hyena
  • Spacer Hyena II
  • Spacer Hyena III
  • Spacer Hyena IV


  • Spacer Scavenger Blattodea

Violent Spacers

A character is interrogated by the crimson fleet
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Credit: Bethesda

Violent Spacers refer to a type of Spacers that are extra tough to deal with. Spacers are already considered violent fiends who cannot be reasoned with. Those among them who get the title of Violent are a tier above the rest and can be considered the veteran elites among these rabid bandits. Watch out for them and equip yourself with the best guns and spacesuits.

How to join the Spacers

A crimson fleet member in armor leans over a table
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Credit: Bethesda

You cannot join Spacers in Starfield; as we've mentioned, they're not a true faction. However, you might already be classified as a Spacer for many NPCs due to your actions. Suppose you engage in routine banditry, ship battles, illegal space activities or any other space activities involving senseless space violence; congratulations. In that case, you're now eligible to be called a Spacer from the point of view of good NPCs and your companions. If you're looking for an actually evil faction to join, why not try the Crimson Fleet faction instead?

That concludes this guide on the Spacers faction in Starfield. While you're still here, read through the other guides we've prepared, such as our Sanctum Universum guide and House Va'ruun guide. Also, learn about other groups, such as the Ecliptic Mercenaries.

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