The Magsniper is a unique sniper rifle in Starfield that is said to be very powerful. It fires electromagnetically-accelerated projectiles that can penetrate even the most heavily armored targets. The weapon is said to have been created by a group of scientists who were working on a new type of energy weapon

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How to get Magsniper in Starfield?

For the Magsniper location, there is no confirmed way to get the weapon in Starfield yet.

Best mods for the Magsniper

  • Overcharged Capacitor: This mod increases the damage output of Magsniper, making it even more powerful
  • Extended Magazine: This mod increases the magazine size of the Magsniper, so you can fire for longer without reloading

Best background for the Magsniper

The best background for the Magsniper in Starfield depends on your playstyle and the mods you want to use. However, some backgrounds that are well-suited for the Magsniper include:

  • Technician
  • Gangster

Best Build Type for the Magsniper

  • Gunslinger: This build focuses on using the Magsniper's high accuracy to take down enemies from long range

Where do I find parts for the Magsniper?

There is currently no way of getting this weapon's parts in Starfield.

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