This trait gives you a damage buff when your health is low, but it also makes mercenaries randomly appear and try to kill you.

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What does Wanted Do?

The Wanted system in Starfield is a mechanic that tracks your criminal activity and determines how law enforcement officials in the game world react to you.

How Do I Remove Wanted?

  • Pay your bounty: This is the most straightforward way to remove your Wanted status. You can pay your bounty at any law enforcement station.
  • Serve your jail sentence: If you don't have enough money to pay your bounty, you can choose to serve your jail sentence instead. This will remove your Wanted status, but it will also take some time.
  • Complete quests for law enforcement officials: This will earn you reputation with the law enforcement faction, which can reduce your bounty

How Do I Apply Wanted?

You cannot apply Wanted in Starfield. It is a status that is applied to you by the game world, not by you. If you commit a crime, your bounty will increase and you will become Wanted.

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