Starfield is a Joke - Funniest Moments in Starfield

starfield funny moments

starfield funny moments

Starfield is a game that deals with many severe crises and moments. You'll deal with being from beyond your universe and some serious ethical questions. However, there's still room for humor in the middle of all this, and it's often a great respite from the heavy atmosphere. Today, we'll look at some of Starfield's funniest moments in the game.

VASCO and Barret's conversation

After Barret returns to the Constellation Headquarters in New Atlantis in Back to Vectera, you hear a funny conversation if you stick around. The conversation is based on VASCO's new settings, where VASCO adds adoring titles at the end of every sentence.

starfield funny barret and vasco conversation
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The Adoring Fan

There's not much to be said here, but the Adoring Fan is one of the funniest inclusions in Starfield who manages to keep even the most grave of situations lighthearted and charming. Sure, he doesn't shut up, but his adoring devotion knows no bounds. Extort him with the Space Scoundrel background for money, or hear the rest of his funny dialogue. A personal favorite includes shooting him, where he comments that a bullet somehow hit him from your direction.

starfield adoring fan
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Meeting Earthlings in an Alien Suit

You can receive a unique alien outfit from New Homestead if you finish a mission to scare some tourists. Later, you can board a ship of people from the original Earth, flying for hundreds of years. Of course, their first point of contact is a crazy person in an alien suit. They comment on this, and it's a pretty ridiculous situation.

starfield alien spacesuit funny dialogue
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Extrovert Dialogue

The Extrovert trait has one of the funniest interactions available in Starfield. When you're infiltrating a United Colonies Starstation in the quest, The Best There Is, you might take on the outfit of military personnel inside the ship. These include pretending to be an ensign or a test pilot. However, an actual faculty member might notice that you match the description. No worries, pick the extrovert dialogue and "No u" them until they give up.

starfield funny extrovert dialogue option
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Gaslighting Companions

All companions in Starfield are morally good. They hate killing, they hate stealing, and they hate anything unethical. But accidents happen, and some are more intentional than others. In cases like these, you want to sit down and have a nice little chat with your companions where you pass a persuasion check, and they forget anything happened at all. You're welcome to repeat this loop if you find it funny.

starfield angry sarah morgan persuasion funny
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Scaring Spacers as The Mantis

You might not be the real Mantis, but you've earned the title by solving the puzzle. Now when cocky spacers and ecliptics try to extort a bounty out of you, they'll realize whose ship they're dealing with. It's pretty funny to watch the sudden shift in their tone and how easy it is to extort them from all their loot once they realize who they're talking to.

The Hunter Likes Jokes

During the final boss battle with one of the most dangerous entities in the multiverse, you can crack a little joke, and The Hunter will play along. During the final confrontation in Revelations, tell him you can envision him doing everyday tasks, and he'll laugh a bit and let go of what would otherwise seem like the wrath of an omnipotent otherworldly being.

starfield funny hunter persuasion check joke
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Names VASCO Can Call You

Yes, VASCO can pronounce many names for you, and some players have dedicated time and energy to discovering the most ridiculous ones. Some of them are funny, while others are outright vulgar(and funny). The names that don't have support yet will probably get some sort of mod to make it work.
Look forward to a lot of inappropriate name-calling during your quests.

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Ridiculous Alternate Universe

If you've concluded the main story and decided to hop into new game plus, you can run into several unique variations of Constellation. These can range from being full of your own clones to a version where members have turned into inanimate objects. Sarah Morgan becoming a plant is an especially funny one.

starfield sarah morgan plant
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The Bugs

While Bethesda can write and script all they want, nothing can be funnier than the unintentional bugs and glitches that make their way into the game. Sure, it's a serious matter when these bugs seem to lock or crash your game. On other occasions, however, these make for the perfect blend of comedic timing and nonsense you'd expect from a Bethesda game. The list is too long to go over, but some of our favorites include:

  • NPCs sinking/rising from floors and walls.
  • Being attacked during dialogue
  • Ship flying without you or leaving the cockpit behind
  • NPC dialogue angles with others walking in

Those are ten of the most funny Starfield interactions in the game. Comedy is subjective, but it's nice to see a bit of humor in Starfield's bleak and overly serious world.

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