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Starfield: the character
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield: the character
Credit: Bethesda

As you know, in Starfield, you can join a faction that meets your standards and preferences, but this is not the only way to join a new community. There are also cults of different religions in the game that you can join, and each provides you with new opportunities and quests. Next, in this guide, you will learn more about the Enlightened religion in Starfield.

Among other religions, this one stands out due to their outspoken atheism and humanitarianism. Below is all the information you need to know about this religion.

History of Enlightened Religion in Starfield

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Credit: Bethesda

Despite the name of this religion, they do not dedicate their lives to any God. Their main idea is the development of scientific and philosophical fields. They do not depend on any higher power but act exclusively, relying only on themselves. The members of this religion are outspoken atheists, but this does not mean that their intentions are evil or incorrect. Their organization is based around numerous humanitarian programs to help people in need, as they believe humans are meant to care for one another.

The Enlightened's main rival is Sanctum Universal. These two communities have been competing with each other for years because the main idea of the second one is precisely the belief in and worship of one singular god. There is a great deal of conflict between the views of both these factions.

House of the Enlightened Location in Starfield

The House of the Enlightened is located in The Well in New Atlantis, on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System. To access the well, you need to land on the New Atlantis spaceport and go to the elevator up ahead on the left. It will give you an option to go down to The Well.

starfield new atlantis house of the enlightened
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As soon as you enter The Well, you'll see the House of the Enlightened name on the wall. Go down the stairs, and the door to enter their base will be on the wall to your left. You can also learn how to solve the Junction Box puzzle in the Well.

How To Join The Enlightened In Starfield?

To join the House of the Enlightened, the process is easy. During character creation, you'll encounter a part wherein you can pick your character's traits. One of these traits is "Raised Enlightened", which dictates that you grew up as a religious member.

starfield house of the enlightened base with andy singh
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Select this trait alongside two others you want to have so you can join the religious faction. However, note that you won't be able to combine this trait with other religious traits, such as The Enlightened or The Great Serpent.

How to Leave the House of the Enlightened?

You can easily leave the House of the Enlightened at any time by talking to the leader of this religious faction. In this case, you'll need to speak to the receptionist, Andy Singh. Talk to him and say you no longer wish to follow this religion.

The Enlightened Faction Chest

You can find the Enlightened Faction Chest in the basement of their base. Head down the first flight of stairs and go into the left room. Look to the left, and you'll find it. It will only spawn if you have the "Raised Enlightened" trait. Note that doing so locks you out of the "Raised Universal" trait and the Sanctum Universum chest.

starfield house of enlightened chest and rewards
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Here is a complete list of the items inside:

  • Charity in a Godless Universe Volume 1-4
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  • Healing Items
  • Boom Pop! Cola
  • Settler Comfortwear

The items can help you out a bit with healing when starting. However, they could be more handy and unique. The Settler Comfortwear isn't one of the best armors in Starfield, but it's a comfy outfit.

Known members of The House of the Enlightened

Andy Singh

Andy Singh is the receptionist and leading spokesperson for the House of the Enlightened in Starfield. He'll be found at the desk when you enter their base. He'll talk to you about their numerous charity programs, and you'll have to speak to him when you finally get to the Unity mission in Starfield.

starfield house of the enlightened andy singh
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You can also talk to him and gain a bunch of missions for a decent amount of Credits. If you speak to him, he'll talk a lot about the philosophy and history of The House of the Enlightened. Much of his dialogue involves humanity coming together for cooperation and progress while bashing theologist's views and promoting a narrative focused on science. Near the final quest, he'll give you some logs about the Starborn.

That's all you need to know about the House of the Enlightened in Starfield. For more guides, learn about places to visit in Neon City and check our XP farming guide.

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